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A1 level


in this lesson students will be acquainted with family vocab, possessive 's and are involved in a lot of language production. The class is going to start with a warm up through which the previously learnt materials would be covered as well. Then teacher elicits the questions that they need during production stage and Ss act them out. students then will be doing an information gap activity to find opportunity to talk together more through asking and answering questions. they would be monitored during the activity and their errors would be covered afterwards by the teacher.


Abc projection of my own family tree.
Abc projection of the correct final version of their handouts.
Abc put the words in order handout
Abc two pictures of a footballer and a writer
Abc information gap activity handouts (pink and blue)

Main Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a conversation in the context of family

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review of family members in the context of family relations


warmer or lead-in to review vocabulary (5-10 minutes) • reviewing critical vocabulary and possessive 's that are needed for accomplishing speaking activity

- project my own family tree on the WB. - draw their attentions to the people and ask them to say their relations with me.)(sister, mother, father) - elicit sentences like, sarah is houra's sister/ she is her sister. -Ask them CCQs: Is Zahra houra’s mother? Are Leila and Muhammad houra’s grandparents? zahra and hosein are houra's grandparents. - ask them what about their jobs? ages? what questions can you ask?

preparing to speak (10-12 minutes) • improving students mastery on widely used questions within the speaking activity

- ask them what about my family jobs?/ ages? - instruct them to put the words in order to make sentences about my family in pairs. -ask them ICQs: should you do it alone? should you match any thing? - distribute handouts and tell them who they should work with. - monitor - project the correct answers on the board, ask them to repeat. - show them two pictures of a footballer and a writer. elicit the words, drill, write on the board

speaking task (20-23 minutes) • to increase oral fluency through an information gap activity.

- project the instruction for doing information gap activity on the board.ask icqs. look at these pictures: which student doesn't have the name of this woman? they answer B what about A? then student A should ask B and write the answer here. they shouldn't show the papers together. they should ask one by one. - ask Icqs: should they show the papers together? should student A ask all questions then student B? -distribute handouts - monitor and write common mistakes down. - now check your papers together, they should be the same.

feedback/error correction on oral task (5 minutes) • to provide a quick feedback on errors and intonation patterns.

- after the activity is done, write common errors or pronunciation points on the board: how old is he? he's 40. what's Anita's job? she's a doctor what's his name? his name is Danny. which words are pronounced with more stress? - if they have dominant grammatical errors also write it on the board and ask students to correct it. -ask ccqs is this sentence correct? what should i say then?

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