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Jobs Vocabulary
Elementary level


In this lesson SS will be studying Vocabulary of employments. After a brief introduction, via help of the pictures, jobs will be elicited. Elicited words will be studied in the form of questions to get SS acquainted with yes or no questions as well as to improve their pronunciations and to mark the stress of words. A brief Explanation regarding the usage of “a/an” will take place. This will be followed by a pair work in which students use yes or no questions. After a series of repetitions, in PW, By means of nominating a few students FB will be taken. An Exercise designed to repeat both the question form and the new learned Vocabulary will be done and the SS will ask and answer them in PW. The class will end after a discussion about the employments of the SS.


Abc jobs vocabulary and their stresses
Abc Arrange the words to form a questions

Main Aims

  • To introduce and give practice in vocabulary for talking about jobs.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To introduce and practice yes/no questions with "to be"


introduction to job Vocabulary (5-10 minutes) • to provide a definition for the word "job" and to elicit the employment names.

I will start eliciting in order to provide ss with the definition of the word "job", then graddually will move on to the pictures, to make ss try to come up with the vocabulary. I wiil encourage SS to say "He/she is a..." i will elicit and drill the question "what's his/her job?

Mark the stress (4-5 minutes) • Aim is to get SS familiarize with the pronunciations and stresses of the Vocabulary.

SS will listen a recording as they look at their given handouts to get an idea of the stresses and then recording will be listened a second time to be repeated by the SS.

Repetition via PW (5-10 minutes) • aim of this is stage is to provide students with a safe environment to repeate the question and the vocabulary and to increase STT.

İn this stage i will hand out the pictures to the SS, and will ask them to repeat the questions in PW, to increase STT, and would be giving them time to adjust to these new words inside their comfort zones, I will swap the pictures a couple of times and ı will encourage few OP dialog in order to get some FB.

Stick the names (10-15 minutes) • The aim of this stage is to make SS go over the desired Vocubulary's spelling. .

During this stage ı will put the pictures on the WB and i will make SS match the name cards to the pictures. Then I will rearrange the pictures and this time, SS will come to WB in order to write the names under the pictures as they match and write via drilling i will check usages of stresses and pronunciation.

Form yes or no questions (5-10 minutes) • The aim of this stage is to enhance Ss ablilty to form yes and no questions,,

İ will hand out the exercise and i will ask students to work on them in pairs, once they are done, i will ask a few pair to give the answers, then the questions will be answered by WC

SS Employments (5-6 minutes) • Aim is to get SS to answer the quesitons aboout their Employments

I will ask SS about their employments and will try to lead them to the correct answers , i will help with vocabulary if needed..

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