Sepehr Sepehr

Intermediate level


Abc Sepehr Mohammadirad

Main Aims

  • To provide students with comparative adjectives so they can start making comparisons

Subsidiary Aims

  • Students will learn how to compare themselves to the other classmates and how to use the comparative adjectives amongst their relative and family member.


lead in (1-5 minutes) • teacher should generate interests and engage the students in the comparative adjectives

for the purpose of creating interests and engaging the students, teacher should passionately ask some ICQs and CCQs such as: CCQs: who is richer Elon musk or you? Who is older your dad or you, is the south of Iran hotter than the north of Iran?ICQs : so are you ready to make comparison?

Introducing the target language (5-7 minutes) • teacher should give specific information and contextualize the target language and how the comparative adjectives are used correctly.

Teacher will give instruction to the students. ICQs: any question ? Are you paying attention

highlightbig the target language (7-10 minutes) • teacher should highlight the target language for the students

Teacher should make sure that the student will stay focus on the task Elicitation techniques will be beneficial.

Clarifying the target language • teacher should clarify the meaning, concepts and the usage to the students

teacher is obligated to use certain teaching techniques such as elicitation in order to extract information from the students before giving them the answers. 2- Teacher will use ICQS and CCQs in order to assure the fact that the students have fully comprehend both the instructions and the concepts. For instance questions asked could be:CCQs: Is student A taller than student B? Is a Lamborghini more expensive than a peykan? Is Bandarabbas hotter than shomal? afterward the teacher should double check everything with the students ICQS: so the comparative adjectives are used when making comparisons? Can we use comparative adjectives when 2 things are the same ?

Practicing the language and providing both oral and written practices • teacher will give some controlled practices assigned from the book

teacher should come up with some practices himself as well, such asking students to compare the classmates and their family member using comparative adjectives. Examples: everyone make comparisons about the age of your parents. Make comparisons of the height of your siblings

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