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Teaching Practice Point for TP 1a
Upper- intermediate B2 level


In this lesson,Ss learn how to form Nouns and Gerunds through explanation given on the board and the to draw Ss attention to the pronunciation by making stress on each word sticked on the whiteboard then to do controlled and free practice in pairs. Finally, to get feedback from students about the topic by doing exercises in WB.


Abc Gap-fill handouts
Abc Gap-fill handouts
Abc New Cutting Edge Upper-intermediate Course Book Mod 6 p 68
Abc New Cutting Edge Upper-intermediate Work Book Mod.6, Ex 9,pg.46

Main Aims

  • Forming Nouns and Gerunds

Subsidiary Aims

  • Correct pronunciation of the nouns


Stage 1 (Lead-in) (4-5 minutes) • To introduce the lesson and make the context of the lesson enjoyable

-Ask Ss to be in pairs to complete -Make sure whether Ss know suffixes and gerunds used as a noun -If necessary,explain them on the board and give them some examples what do you know about suffixes for nouns ? How can we say the noun of this adjective ? beautiful, happy ,friendly What do N and C stand for in English grammer ? What does noun mean or countable noun ?

Stage 2 ( Presentation ) (3-5 minutes) • -To check Whether Ss understand What suffixes and gerunds are by eliciting examples fromLanguage focus 1.

-Match the words above with the correct suffix -Pass out HO`s for Ss to put suffix and gerund into the correct gaps -To get the correct answers if they find -Read through the information and elicit futher examples . Eg increase,suprise,(n / v ) -Use examples given to show how a gerund acts like a noun -To put Ss into pairs to find examples in the paragraph named Exercise on page 19 How many have you found so far ? Do you like playing football? Is playing football cool?

Stage 3 (Pronunciation) (4-5 minutes) • To check Ss`s understanding the concept of stressed and weak forms in spoken English

-To write the words on paper that can be sticked on the Ss can mark the stress easily -Briefly explain and check Ss understand "schwa' and give some examples. (America,about,above,) -Ask Ss to give some examples How can we pronounce these words (abroad,abrupt,absorb) ? Can you find some words including unstressed vowel (schwa)

Stage 4 (Controlled Practice) (4-5 minutes) • To check Ss get the idea of the suffix and gerund by changing the form of the words

-Ask Ss to work in pairs in order to finish the ex.1a on page.20 -To draw Ss`s attention to verbs and ask them which noun forms are different -To elicit answers and praise Ss who do them correctly. -Ask Ss to change their pairs when they do ex.2 pg.20 -To monitor Ss while working on the ex. -To control the answers by peer checking

Stage 5 (Freer Practice-Speaking and Feedback) (10-15 minutes) • To enable Ss to look at the list of things that make them feel good or bad

-Ask Ss to look at the pictures on pg.21 and which makes them feel good and which makes them feel bad -Put Ss into pairs and ask them to complete the noun/gerunds in the exercise -To hand out answers -To get Ss todo ex.2 and 3,pg.12 and 13 from the WB -Monitor and help Ss if necessary -For feedback,To hand out the answers for Ss to check if their answers are correct.(4 to 5 minutes )

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