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Past simple tense lesson
Beginners' level level


In this lesson, students learn the rule to convert the main verb to regular past simple verbs and practice irregular verbs. Students will start off with a warmer talking about what they did yesterday, then they would skim a text to find the past tense of a given verbs (reg/irreg) then they will read a short story and fill the blanks using verbs in the past tense. They will also listen to the audio to learn the verb syllables in the past form. At the end, they will play a game describing their past.


Main Aims

  • To provide practice of past simple tense in the context of personal and life stories

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a conversation in the context of personal and life stories


Warmer (5 minutes) • To settle students mind in class with a hint of the objective of the lesson

I will talk about what I did yesterday, how was my day. Students will talk to each other about what they did yesterday. One person from each group will tell the WC about what they did yesterday.

Pre-teaching past tense (10 minutes) • Students to be exposed to see the difference of present and past tense.

- sts individually answer 4 questions, then in pairs and as a class - sts read the text and answer Grammar 1 (regular verbs) - TT: read the text and find the past form of these verbs in the text. I will do the first one. - I will elicit the answers from the class and write it on the board (present pronunciation now, if necessary) Part 2 - TT: How do we form Past simple of regular verbs? - sts add ed to the main verb. Part 3 - For the irregular verbs, find the past form in the article. Will do the first one and show the difference - will elicit the answers from sts and write it on the board. (correct pronunciation with became, made (intonation) - will draw a table about regular/irregular forms on the WB

While teaching #1 (10 minutes) • To provide sts with less challenging gist to learn the specifics about past tense (reg and irreg forms)

- will introduce a story about a 'hot day yesterday' - sts will work on in individually, then everyone comes and writes the verbs in its designated column of reg/irreg forms then we will discuss as a class. - sts will tell their partner 6 things similar to the story about their own experiences. partner will say Realy? Where? Ohm, How? etc.

While listening, to provide sts with more detailed challenging task to make past simple form. (10 minutes) • To enhance students ability to pronounce extra syllable in past simple tense.

- TT: Look at the audio script - listen to the audio - count the number of syllables you hear - will do the first one worked = 1 studied = 2 - sts will count the number of syllables, stop after each word. - write on the board wanted, waited, needed, decided - underline the final /t/ or /d/ sound - this is the only case to pronounce an extra syllable in past simple - listen to sentences, which is past simple (a or b?) - will use substitute drilling

Freeer speaking practice (10 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to respond to what they have leaned in terms of past simple tense (reg/irreg forms) and pronounciation

- TT: you are about to describe what you did in the past (the action - state - repeated action in the past) - use a die to move the board - each player should ask a follow-up question - will do the first one with a partner for demonstration - sts play the game describing themselves

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