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Intermediate level


In this lesson SS will be introduced to the concept of riders and the music industry/popular music in general. TT will elicit opinions on certain genres and musical acts, in relation to the main text on pg 28 of the student book, Face2face.


Abc Song Bingo HO
Abc FSW HO Music edition
Abc Song / Daft Punk Music Video wo&w lyrics
Abc Song Bingo word list
Abc R'n'Roll Riders Matching HO ANSWERS
Abc Bands Photos
Abc R'n'Roll Riders Matching HO
Abc 4 Corners Music List

Main Aims

  • To practice reading for inference and specific information in context of Rock Music

Subsidiary Aims

  • To expose ss to collection of music


Warmer / What do you expect from this artist (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

TT shows a picture of the band, We Are Spinal Tap. TT asks, what type of job do you think these men do? Elicits "Rock band". TT elicits ss to describe what kind of music they think the band would play, and what they would sing about. TT shows another picture of a Rapper, elicits same questions, and also asks what words does the class think the singer would use in his songs. Lastly TT shows a picture of Pentatonix and asks same question.

Song Bingo (10-12 minutes) • To allow ss to practice listening for specific information and to introduce them to a new'ish genre

TT gives ss 2x3 HO and puts a list of words on the projector. TT instructs ss that they will hear a song by the last artist they saw. The list of words contains some words that are in the song and some words which are not. SS are to fill in 6 words, one into each box, and then watch the music video. If they hear the word they chose, they mark it. The first student to have all their boxes checked yells "BINGO" (TT should write this word on the board). The SS will listen a second time, with the lyrics playing.

FSW (5-7 minutes) • To introduce some TL and allow ss to mingle

TT gives ss FSW HO, and gives instruction that they should get up, and find a ss who can answer 'yes' to a question and write their name next to the experience.

Music talk (6-8 minutes) • To encourage ss to use the TL from the FSW HO in conversation about their favorite music

TT will put ss in pairs for (PW) and instruct them to tell each other about their favorite bands, musicians, or singers. CCQ's - TT: "Students, when we talk about our experiences with music, what are some sentences we can use?" If students do not recommend using questions/vocab from the FSW HO, TT will hold it up and ask the question again to elicit the correct response. After a few min, tt will do WCFB with PW, by asking one student to tell the class about their partners experience.

Rock'n'roll Riders HO (6-8 minutes) • To practice reading for inference and specific information with a reading/gap fill HO

TT will first pre-teach terms : Rider & Promoter. First TT should try eliciting this vocab, but since it may be unknown to all the ss, tt may have to give a brief explanation. TT will show SS pictures of famous musicians and elicit opinions about their music, style, personality, what the ss know about them. TT gives out RnR HO and puts ss in pairs. (PW) TT will then instruct ss to read the HO and match the name of the artist with the Rider. CCQ's : "How many names are we putting for each rider?"

Post Reading Qestions (5-7 minutes) • To make sure students understood the HO and to elicit opinions of the artists mentioned.

TT will put completed HO with answers on projector. TT will ask ss if they missed any. TT will then ask ss who they thought was the most ridiculous, most shocking, stupidest, etc.

4 Corner game (5-7 minutes) • a ranking survey to see what is most important to students in regards their choice of music

TT will place 4 words on the walls, one word in each corner. Words are : BEAT, LYRICS, GENRE, SINGER/BAND SS will then go to the corner that they think is the most important for them. TT takes a tally. repeats 3 more times. SS return back to seats, TT asks why they chose the way they did. Elicits discussion about what makes music matter. CCQ's "Which one of these refers to the overall sound and speed of the music" "Which one of these refers to the type of music?" "Which one of these refers to the words in the song?"

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