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Teaching Practice 8
Upper Intermediate level


By the end of this lesson students will be able to communicate different levels of certainty about the future. They will have learnt how to do this through a guided discovery approach in which they see the TL in context and come to understand its meaning. They will practice the TL in both controlled and freer exercises.


Main Aims

  • Students will be able to describe future events using modal verbs to express different levels of certainty.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Student will be able to speak accurately and fluently about future events carrying different levels of certainty.


Warmer/Lead-in (4-5 minutes) • Students will talk about their weekend/future plans, using modal verbs and adverbs to express different levels of certainty

Highlight to students that this is our very last lesson. In pairs, students will tell each other about their weekend plans- encourage them to mention things they will definitely/probably/possibly do. They will report what their partner said during brief WC FB. Revise/elicit the modal verbs 'will', 'may', 'might', 'could'.

Guided discovery (12-15 minutes) • Students will understand new phrases used to express different levels of certainty about the future

Students will be given the guided discovery worksheet and instructed to complete it individually. Allow ample time for completion, and monitor closely but non-intrusively to check progress. Ask fast finishers to make some example sentences to check their understanding. Let students check answers with each other before WC FB. Write the TL phrases on the WB. Drill pronunciation and mark word stress.

Controlled practice (9-10 minutes) • Students will be able to accurately reproduce the TL

Give students second HO with controlled practice activity. They will re-write sentences about the future so that they have the same meaning but now incorporate the TL phrases. Try to elicit instructions. Check answers in pairs. Feeback can be in the form of an answer key if students have generally understood well and the mistakes are of the small grammatical type. WC FB if more difficulty.

Freer practice (9-10 minutes) • Students will fluently practice the TL

Re-pair/group students. They will imagine that they each have 1 million pounds. They will say what they will definitely do with the money, will probably do, probably won't do, and definitely won't do. WC FB - Ss report briefly on what their partner said. FB on content and accuracy. At 1pm, get students to remember what was said would happen at 1pm - 'the lesson is bound to end at 1pm' - and end the lesson.

Flexi-stage (5-6 minutes) • Students will fluently practice the TL

Ss will think of three people they know well and think about what their lives will be like in a few years' time, incorporating all the different levels of certainty. Give some possible ideas for discussion, e.g. moving to a different town. Students describe the people they know in pairs/groups. WC FB - Ss report briefly on what their partner said.

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