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A house with a history
Elementary level


In this lesson students will practise vocabulary concerning rooms and furniture, listening subskills-listening for gist and listening for specific information. The Ss will elicit some vocabulary items concerning the lesson topic. Teacher provides appropriate visual resources for clarifying vocabulary. Students will focus on the photos. Then they will listen to the conversation.


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Main Aims

  • Practising vocabulary in the context of household furniture

Subsidiary Aims

  • Listening-listening for gist and listening for specific information


Lead-in (5 minutes) • To stir up interest in students

I will show the picture of the house on the screen. Students will answer the following questions: What`s this? What`s inside the house? What kind of rooms are there?

Vocabulary and pronunciation (7 minutes) • Practising vocabulary and drilling the pronunciation

The pictures of each room (dining-room, bathroom, hall, etc) will be shown on the screen. Students will say which room is on each picture. They practice pronunciation of each word through individual and choral drilling.

Practicing vocabulary (household objects) (7 minutes)

The pictures of household objects (sofa, bed, shelves, etc.) are stuck on the wall. The names of the objects are written on small labels. I gives out the label to the whole class. Students are to stick each label under an appropriate picture. After finishing the activity I give the students handout (photocopy of page 151 from New English File Intermediate Student`s book). They will match the words to the photos.

Focus on the pictures (7 minutes)

Students answer the following questions about the first picture: Would you like to live in this house? Why (not)? Do you remember who lived in the house before? (the Travers family) As for the second picture students try to elicit the ideas about the following questions: What can you see on the picture? What`s his job?

Listening for gist (4 minutes)

Ss should listen to find out which three rooms do Larry, Louise and estate agent go into. (the hall, the living room, the kitchen).

Listening for specific information (6 minutes)

Students focus on gapped conversation. First they read through the dialogue quickly and then listen. I will pause only after the two sentences. After listening the whole conversation I let students try to check their answers with each other. Then turn on the CD once more. Let them check again. I provide the answer key on the screen.

Listening for specific information (4 minutes)

I write the following questions on the board: What problem is there with one of the bedrooms? (One of the bedrooms is very cold) Do they decide to rent the house? (They decide to rent the house)

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