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In this lesson, students will learn about vocabulary for website and email addresses through listening to a few sentences and eliciting from them the target vocabulary and the symbols used in these addresses. Drilling the pronunciation of the vocab symbols will come next to guarantee that they are all ok with the vocabulary music.Then, Ss are paired up (As & Bs) to do an activity through which Ss dictate each other the website and email addresses on their cards. This is followed by practice of listening for gist and specific detail. Finally, there is free practice via a speaking activity to practice the target language.


Abc Vocabulary exercise
Abc Gap-fill handout for listening exercises on page 13
Abc PowerPoint Presentation
Abc Speaking Exercises (A & B cards)
Abc Matching Activity

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of vocabulary for website and email addresses

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of listening for gist and specific detail


Stage 1 (3-5 minutes) • (Lead in)

- T introduces herself to students - T introduces the lesson and makes the context of the lesson interesting for the SS

Stage 2 (7-10 minutes) • (To provide vocabulary for website and email addresses)

Vocab ex. 1 - SS will listen to a set of email and website addresses and write them down - SS will check their answers in pairs - Then a whole- class check will follow - T puts the answers on board. -T elicits from SS what these are. (= website / email addresses) Vocab ex. 2 - T pays SS' attention to the symbols used in website and email addresses - T checks that SS pronounce them correctly through WC drilling.

Stage 3 (10-12 minutes) • (Speaking Exercise to Practise saying some email & website addresses)

- SS are asked to work in pairs As & Bs - T distributes cards A to half of the class & cards B to the rest. If there is an odd number of SS, a group of 3 SS will work together. - As dictate Bs some email and website addresses and Bs write them down. -Then Bs dictate As some email and website addresses and As write them down. -Later As & Bs check their answers. - T moves around and monitors SS, T collects a few errors, if any, for whole class feedback.

Stage 4 (10-12 minutes) • (To provide practice of listening for gist and specific detail)

- T sets the context of the listening by using the pictures from p. 13 - Gist listening : T plays it only once for SS to do exercise 1. - SS checks their answers with their partners before T does feedback with the whole class - Listening for detail: T plays it twice, if need be, for SS to do exercise 2. - SS check in pairs before T does feedback with the whole class. - T hands out the answer key to SS to check their answers

Stage 5 (7-8 minutes) • (To provide speaking practice of the target language)

- T gives SS a small piece of paper and have them write their email address and favorite website ( but not their names). - T makes sure they don't show their partners - T collects all of the papers and redistribute them. - T has SS stand up and mingle - they should say the email address and website until they find the person who wrote it. - T emphasizes that SS shouldn't show each other their papers- they must speak.

Stage 6 • If Time Activity

On the board, T puts the following questions: * Do you often stay in hotels? Why? Why not? * What's your favorite hotel? * What's the best hospital in your place? T has SS discuss these questions in pairs ( it will likely be a brief discussion). If T has time, she can regroup them so they talk to other people. T can collect a few errors for whole class feedback.

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