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In this lesson class will learn some vocabularies for describing their weekend activities.


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Main Aims

  • To teach and practice vocabularies of daily activities and their collocations in last weekend context

Subsidiary Aims

  • listening for specific information


Warmer (1-3 minutes) • To introduce the topic

I'm going to start with "I had a busy weekend" and continue by asking the question " Do you know what I did on weekend?" to elicit some vocabularies of different activities, and also, I think they come up with some past forms of those verbs which I'm not going to focus on at this stage.

Eliciting (4-5 minutes) • To elicit the vocabularies

First I will divide them into 3 different groups, they will have different sets of cards to mach with pictures around the room. After giving instruction(ICQs+ demo), I will ask them to start the activity.Then I will drill the class, to make sure they pronounce the lexical sets correctly.At the end of this stage I will give them hand outs of this activity with answers on it.(I should be careful not to confuse them, they may think the hand out is a new activity.)I'm going to play some music during the activity.

practice the vocabularies of activities (16-20 minutes) • To use leical forms and have a free practice interaction pattern

This stage is a game so It would take time to give instruction and demo. they should be in groups of 4 so I will have 7 sets of cards with me. First I give the instruction that each person should take a card and they shouldn't show the card to any one (ICQ). Then others will ask questions to guess the activity.I will write the question on the board."Did you......?" I show them that they can fill the blank with activities which we have on walls of room. I will ask the first question, then I'm going to show with my hands it's their turn and they should ask me. They should continue till they guess my card. Then I will choose one of students and after that a second one from back part of the class, so the class can ask them the same questions. then I will give the cards to table (each table a set) so they can continue the activity.I should monitor and write mistakes during the exercise so I can describe some of common mistakes at the end of the class. I'm going to play some music during the activity.

Exposure to past forms of verbs (5-7 minutes) • They get familiar with past forms and get ready for listening

I'm going to do the same activity, like what I will do on the first stage. The same groups and the same colors, but this time they have the past form of the verbs.seeing and finding both forms "past and present" and their pictures next to each other on the wall. Student are going to stick the past forms next to present ones and after that I just write "read "to point out that,they have the same spelling in both present and the past form but different pronunciations(drill). I'm not going to emphasize on them since it's not important part of my lesson, they need these vocabularies to be ready for listening. I'm going to demo the activity. (They did this once, so it shouldn't be hard)

Warmer for listening (3-4 minutes) • To elicit some ideas about converation

I'm going to show the pictures of listening on the board and I'm going to introduce the people and ask students some questions like: What are they doing? What are they talking about? Do you know anything about Liverpool?( of course they don't) so they can guess about topic of the listening .

Listening for specific information (4-5 minutes) • students become familiar with the listening and look for specific information

I will have two Question on the board and I want them to find the answers. ICQs When did Caroline go to Liverpool? Did she have good time? they can discuss their answers in their groups and then share it with class.

Listening for specific information2 (7-8 minutes) • Finding moredetails

I'm going to give the instruction and ask ICQs then I'm going to give them the handouts. The students will listen and circle the right answers. they will have time to discuss the answers in their groups and at the end some of them will do the exercise on the board so everyone has a visual record to rely on.

Extra activity for possible extra time (3-6 minutes) • More practice on the topic

First option: Correcting mistakes I wrote while I'm monitoring Second option: I'm going to give them handouts from English File . It has w three small texts on it, so they can scan and underline the activity verbs in their past form. (ICQs+Demo)

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