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Writing lesson plan
Intermediate /Grade: 6 level


In this lesson students are going to learn how to write a profile about themselves or some one. The lesson starts with making profile questions then in a pair work activity they will ask each other questions and write a profile about his or her friend. The lesson finishes with swapping the written profile and speaking activities.


Abc Cards and pictures

Main Aims

  • To practise learning how to write a profile using appropriate language and verb tenses

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give students practice of the target language. To identify areas where where my students need sharpening and to increase their skills in this area.


Lead in (1-3 minutes) • To get students engaged in the lesson

Teacher sticks a card of of Kate's profile on the board. Teacher write some questions about the profile on the board such as : What can you see? What do you think about this picture? about what this profile tell us about? Do you like to have one like this? Teacher ask students to discuss the previous questions in pairs showing that the time of discussion is 3 minutes only. Teacher asks students some ICQs to make sure that they understand the instructions like: Do you discuss the questions in pairs or groups? How much time do you discuss the questions in? Teacher monitors students during discussion.

Gist task. GW Questios (1-5 minutes) • To highlight and prepare useful language for coming writing task

Teacher asks a student from a different class to come to his class. Teacher divides students into groups and give them instructions to prepare questions to interview this student in 2 minutes only. Teacher ask students to use Questions ask about name, age and job. Teacher asks some ICQs questions : Do you work in pairs or groups? Groups How much time do you spend in interviewing? 2 minutes Who do you interview? This student Teacher should check the questions before interviewing. After finishing the interviewing teacher asks students to interview in pairs using the same questions of the previous interview to make sure that students use the target language of the profile. Teacher ask students to write down notes about the main elements in interviewing for example (name 'age and job).

Profile Writing • To provide them achance to improve their writing skills through profile writing

Teacher sticks a picture on the board of one of the famous characters in our society for example Mohammed Salah. Then beside the picture he draws a table contains name, age, job, place of birth and other information. Teacher asks students to start writing the first sentence in the profile then when the teacher says switch they should exchange papers with each other to complete the profile. At the end every student gets his profile and the next step of correction begins

The stage of correction • To help students know their mistakes and improve their skills in writing.

In this step, teacher asks students to work in pairs to correct the profile. Each student shows the mistakes in his colleagues paper. Teacher monitors actively to provide error correction and help.

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