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Saeid Rezaei 7th TP
Intermediate level


in this lesson students work on second conditionals and will practice meaning form and pronunciation


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and controlled practice of second coditionals in the context of changing cities

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a pair work and group work


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • to set the context and make students engaged in the topic

Lead-in: Students make a list of the problems the city Istanbul suffers from and discuss their solutions in pairs and make a list of 3 problems and their suggested solution.

highlighting target language (5-7 minutes) • To highlight the target language by use of eliciting/ a guiding task/ an underlining activity

The students will be asked to find two sentences with words if, feed, birds,arrest and cities, better place and smoke, smell and Then the teacher will elicit the target language and will put the sentences on the board. Then he will try to highlight the if and elicit the phrase conditional sentences" and if possible the type and will put the name on the board Then the students will match sentence halves of some conditional sentences in their group to get exposed to more 2nd conditional sentences. They then stand up and check other groups work.

Clarifying target Language (8-12 minutes) • to clarify meaning of target language, model and provide control practice for pronunciation and highlight form

Clarifying the meaning: The teacher asks a couple of CCQs "Do the cities have this law?" "Do people smoke?" "is it about the past or now?" a handout with an exercise will be given to the students. The exercise will be a "choose the right answer" with a text about the meaning of the second conditionals. when done we will check the answers and the teacher will make sure the students understand the meaning by asking some CCQs. about the sentences on the board. clarifying the form: the teacher will give the students another hand out with a "choose the right answer format, this time about the form of second conditionals. The answers to this handout will be on the walls so when done the students will stand up and read the correct answers. Clarifying the pronunciation: the teacher then writes two sentences on the board and will focus on the pronunciation of "'d" and sentence stress with some drilling

Language practice (8-12 minutes) • to provide controlled/ less controlled/ freer oral/written practice of comparing nouns

the teacher will distribute the handouts of the controlled practice which is a fill in the gaps activity. Students will do them individually and will check the answers in pairs. the teacher will write two sentences "If I were rich, I would buy a new house." and "if i get rich, I will buy a new house." on the board and asks the students to discuss the differences in their groups. Then the whole class feedback. (if we are running out of time the whole activity will be done as a whole class) A handout with exercises in which students have to choose between 1st and 2nd conditionals will be done in groups. The activity will be followed by a speaking chain of second conditionals.

freer paractice (if time) (10-12 minutes) • to provide the students with the opportunity to use the language they just learned

Students will use the problems and solutions they wrote in the beginning to make conditional sentences with "If I were the mayor of Istanbul" and will stand up, mingle and say their answers to their classmates

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