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Reading Part 1 Exam Prep
Cambridge Exam Prep- B1 Teens level


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of and practice with phrasal verbs
  • To provide tips and practice for Reading and Use of English Part 4 of the B2 Exam

Subsidiary Aims

  • To improve reading and speaking skills
  • To establish good rapport and create a supportive, comfortable classroom environment for students


Warmer (3-5 minutes) • To improve spoken fluency and create a fun, relaxed environment

T shares PPT screen with Yes/No Game instructions. Ss will go to breakout rooms in pairs-- one person will ask questions and the other will answer without using yes or no. Then, they will switch. T will monitor.

Review Homework (5-7 minutes) • To improve understanding of concepts by correcting errors in homework

T shares screen with English Aula exercises and reviews questions from homework that Ss struggled with.

Phrasal Verb Exercises (4-6 minutes) • To provide clarification of and practice with phrasal verbs

Ss will match phrasal verbs on shared PPT slide and T will nominate Ss to give answers. Ss will complete sentences using the correct phrasal verbs.

Reading Part 4 Tips and Practice (30-35 minutes) • To provide an effective method for students to use for Reading/Use of English Part 4 and practice transformations

T shares PPT screen with instructions and tips for Reading Part 4. T instructs Ss to open English Aula exercise 11. T uses method to model first question and then nominates Ss to complete the rest of the sentences, explaining their method. T explains partner transformations exercise and sends Ss to breakout rooms to come up with sentences. Once both groups have finished, Ss share their sentences and check with other group's sentence. Finally, Ss open English Aula Exercise 12 and work on this individually before checking in pairs and then reviewing answers with the teacher.

Assign Homework (2-4 minutes) • To assign homework that will help them prepare for exam

T shares Google Drive Folder with resources. T assigns homework for Ss who will be here next week: English Aula B2 First for Schools Part 4 Exercises 3-4. T wishes the best for Ss who take the exam this weekend and shares email address in case Ss have questions before exam.

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