Mehran Mehran

Reading Demo Tir 24th
Family 3 level


Demonstration of a full teaching of a Receptive Skill based on ESL


Abc Family and Friends 3

Main Aims

  • To understand the story and reproduce a new one based on the sample

Subsidiary Aims

  • Teaching vocabulary and structures of the text and activating them


Engagement (4-6 minutes) • To get the students ready for reading the text and giving them a sense of the general story

- The teacher pairs up the students and asks them to describe and guess the story in pairs using the photos and the title of the story (2 min) - The teacher gets some random feedback from different students (2min)

Study (20-25 minutes) • To read the text and understand the concept and details of the text

- The teacher focuses on the pictures, eliciting and unblocking the blocking words ( Laugh, Net, Chew, Hole) (5 min) - The teacher tells the students to read the text and find the answer of the GFQ (5 Min) - GFQ: Why do you think the mouse helped the lion? - The teachers pairs the students up in order to share the answer of the question and then gets random feedback (5 min) - The teacher tell the students to read the text once more and answer the DFQs (5 min) - DFQs are available in part 4 - The teacher checks the answers in an open class activity ( 2 min)

Activation (30-40 minutes) • To get the students use the learned language

- CP: The teacher ask students to find "Present continuous" sentences in the text and underline them ( 3 min) - ICQ : Give me an example of a present continuous sentence Can you circle a sentence like : " A mouse runs over the lion ..."? Is it a present continuous sentence? - Model the first sentence - The teacher asks students to read the founding in pairs and then gets feedback (5 min) ICQ : Which sentences should you read? Can it be any sentence? -Semi : The teacher divides the text into 3 parts and asks students to summarize and underline the keywords for their part (5 min) -ICQ: In a sentence like " One day a lion is sleeping " is "One" a keyword? -The teacher asks students to share their summary in pairs and tells them that he is going to ask the whole summary from each member of the group ( 7 min) -ICQ : Am I going to ask only your part or the summary of the whole text? - Freer: The teacher tells the students to work in groups and write a jigsaw story , He determines the first one in each group (10 min) -ICQ: How many sentences can you right each time?

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