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a colorful house
starter2 level


today students study lesson 20 of fun for starters. this lesson, students learn how to follow the instruction. they learn to describe houses , rooms, and furniture . they learn to identify objects and express preferences. during today's lesson they learn how to use prepositions of place.


Abc Speaker
Abc fun for starters

Main Aims

  • reading
  • writing

Subsidiary Aims

  • speaking
  • listening


stage 1 (3-5 minutes) • warm up

greetings. teacher asks students about their day and motivates them to speak.

stage 2 (6-8 minutes) • task A

before students open their book, the teacher writes the following words on the board: bedroom,bathroom, living room and dining room. teacher says bedroom and bathroom are one word and living room and dining room is two words. teacher asks: which room are we in now? (classroom) teacher asks: is it one word or two words? teacher asks students to open their books. teacher asks: where is the bedroom? what color is it?

stage 3 (4-5 minutes) • task A game

the teacher tells students to imagine that she is in one of the rooms. they ask her questions to guess where the teacher is. then the students do the same in their pairs

stage 3 (15-17 minutes) • task B

students look at the small pictures outside the picture of the house. teacher asks: what is number 1? teacher checks their pronunciation. students say the spelling, and the teacher writes the word on the board. in their notebook, they write the names of the objects and the room where they think each of them is. then teacher plays the recording. students listen and draw lines between objects and places in the picture. after that students check their notebooks to see which person put the most objects in the correct room. teacher asks students that which small picture they did not draw a line from.

stage 4 (4-6 minutes) • task C

students look at the questions. teacher shows the example.

stage 5 (6-8 minutes) • task D

teacher asks the students to look at the box. she points to the word "bed" and the line drawn round it. teacher asks students to find eight more words in the box for things they can see in the picture. after solving this part, the teacher asks questions about these things and the picture of the house. ex: how many TVs are there? where is the tv?

stage 6 (6-7 minutes) • task E

the teacher points to the picture of the desk. asks: what is this? have you got a desk? what do we put on the desk? the teacher reads out the first sentence. then she asks what are these? (legs). students write the words to complete the text.

stage 7 (7-8 minutes) • task F

the teacher asks students to answer the following questions and write the answers on the lines in the sentence. 1 where is your house? 2 how many rooms has it got? 3 which rooms are there in your house? 4 which is your favorite room? what is in your favorite room?

stage 8 (4-6 minutes) • task G

the teacher says a sentence about her house: in my house, there are 2 rooms. the next student has to repeat the teacher's sentence and add another thing to it.

stage 9 (8-10 minutes) • game

my ideal house! students draw a picture of their ideal house. they could do this in their notebook. then they say the sentences of task G for their ideal house.

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