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Speaking - Transportation
Elementary level


In this lesson, SS will use their newly learned vocabulary on travelling and extend this to learn new vocabulary and collocations related to this.


Main Aims

  • To develop SS range of vocabulary and introduce them to the use of "you can/you can't."

Subsidiary Aims

  • To develop SS gist and intensive reading as well as working on their speaking skills.


Warmer/Lead in (3-6 minutes) • To introduce SS to the new prepositions used in the context of travelling to/from somewhere.

Using tables and visual aids, have the prepositions "on", "by", "in", "off", and "out" on tables and hand out visual aids (aeroplane, bus, car, train, mini-bus, tram etc -use Turkish transport for cultural awareness), have students work in groups to place the preposition to the correct image. Once finished, have SS rotate in the classroom and check each other's work. Open class feedback to discuss the results.

Gist Reading (pre-speaking warmer) (4-9 minutes) • To have SS use the vocabulary/language learned in the lead in and have them find it in the reading.

SS will read "Transport Facts" and gist read to find the language learned in the lead in "get off/out a train" etc. Give them HO 1 SS will work in pairs and then have O-C feedback to discuss their results and compare. Discuss their answers (did you get similar results)

Speaking (5-9 minutes) • To have SS use the TL by asking each other questions

Have SS write 4 questions to ask someone about their transport routines "Do you drive to work?" Once written, they will do a FSW activity and fill in the blanks. (Have SS mingle for this) O-C-F to discuss the results.

Introducing the SS to the different use of 'you' (7-15 minutes) • To introduce "you can/you can't" to SS, work on pronunciation.

Introduce the use of "you can" / "you can't" as statements on things people can/can't do. Have SS create 3 statements about transport in Turkey, "you CAN travel to Uskudar by Ferry from Besiktas" and have them use 'taxi', 'plane', 'bus' etc. Use three CCQ's to test their knowledge. "Can you take the ferry from Besiktas to Eminonu?" "No, you CAN'T" etc. DRILLING: Drill SS on "can you take a taxi to Taksim?" -- "you can take a taxi" Have students drill the SCHWA in "can" (in its weaker form) Once SS write their questions have them ask each other (O-P-F) -- have SS shout q's across the room

Lead out (5-8 minutes) • To use all the TL learned in the lesson and connect them together

Give SS a list of questions and have them work in groups to answer these questions. e.g. "Can you get from Besiktas to Taksim by minibus?" "Yes, you can." After this has happened (put visual aids of transport on the board) have students do OPW and ask eachother the questions and answer. Then have SS create their own questions and answers on the spot and have them ask and answer each other.

Extra work (5-8 minutes) • This is used if there is extra time - using the target language SS will apply it to their own country and answer T/F

Give SS a list of statements and have them write T/F, if F SS will re-write the statement to make it T. Have SS do this in pairs and compare their answers in groups.

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