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Speaking lesson - News
Intermediate - B1 level


In this lesson , students practice and develop productive skill (speaking) through different kinds of activities related to news and newspapers as well as lexical learning and practice .


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Main Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a Debate in the context of News

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice, clarification and review of News lexis in the context of News


Lead-in (2-5 minutes) • Elicit who an editor is and what he/she does

* ask them what they remember from the previous lesson . * elicit the word "editor" and what he/she does . * give them instructions about the activity .

Elicit vocab (5-7 minutes) • Present the required vocab

* elicit the new vocab . * drill and put them on the whiteboard . * elicit parts of speech , stress , spelling , etc . * tell them they will choose some stories for their newspaper . * put them in groups of 3 or 4 Ss .

Prepration to speak (5-7 minutes) • Get them ready for the activity

* give them the HOs . * tell them to read the outlines and choose two of them , one for the main story and one for the secondary story . * Ss decide alone and then in their groups discuss and give reasons for their choice .

Speaking (8-10 minutes) • Produce the TL

* tell them they need to agree on the cover stories . * tell them they they need to agree what kind of newspaper they are . * tell them to think about what kind of stories will be popular and make people want to buy their newspaper * elicit some ways of giving advice and expressing preferences from the previous lessons . * monitor and take notes for errors for delayed feedback .

Speaking (10-12 minutes) • Produce th TL

* elicit what else they need for their front pages (headlines and pictures) * give them the pictures and tell them to choose related pictures and headlines . * tell them to choose a name for their newspaper and organize the photos . * give them blank pages and tell them to design their newspaper .

Speaking (10-12 minutes) • Produce the TL

* ask them to choose a representative for their newspaper . * regroup the other students so they are split around the different newspapers . * ask the representative to explain their choice story to the other students . * tell the students to move around and visit different newspapers and learn about their front pages . * monitor and take notes of any error .

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