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J2 Sem 1 Wk10
Grade 8 level


Students read a story about a boy who helps animals, and then focus on the grammar of the past simple vs past continuous.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of the past simple and past continuous in the context of a story about helping people

Subsidiary Aims

  • Students come up with some creative stories


Introduction (2-4 minutes) • fun way to start class

There's a video if you want, I don't know if it's any good. Or you could get students to talk about how they've helped others at home.

story (8-10 minutes) • Kids read a story for gist

Introduce the gist question: "Whom does Bob help?" (the answer is animals). Go through the story slides. Have kids read it aloud. At the end they talk in pairs and decide whom bob helped.

focus on language (6-10 minutes) • students are introduced to grammar through the story they read

Continue with the slides, which focus on the past simple vs. past continuous. Make sure that kids know a past continuous (ing words) was ongoing until it was interrupted (one time) by an action in the simple past tense. They should be easily able to form the past continuous: was/were + V-ing.

Controlled Practice (10-12 minutes) • students practice new language

Use the gap fill (there are 3 per page). It would be great if you could print enough for everyone, otherwise students should work in small groups of no more than four. Give them time to finish it, then have them share with a partner (if they weren't already in groups), finally review as a class and call on students to get the correct answers.

Freer Practice (10-12 minutes) • students apply new grammar as they imagine various scenarios

Pass out the scenarios (cut these up one line at a time). Students do this is pairs. The one with the paper says, "What happened when you were [what's on paper]?" The other answers "I was [what's on paper] when..." and then can finish with anything. Then they pass it on to their partner, or if their partner has already done it, to the next pair of students. Demo first with 2 students in front of the class, then pass out only one paper so all students can see how it's done. After the paper's moved around a little, pass out all of the papers and let the students circulate them.

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