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the road of my life . present perfect continuouse tense
Intermediate Level level


in the lesson students will learn how to practice and use present perfect continuous tense correctly.First, Ss could work in pairs then w/c to know what they think in ex1.Then Ss would listen to the CD and answer the questions in ex1 and check their answer in pairs as well. Ss will practice on reading through page 180 of the T's book then we are going to discuss their answers


Abc Tp's book -

Main Aims

  • To introduce and give practice in present perfect continuouse tense & time expressions '' Since & for" through the context of life changes

Subsidiary Aims

  • speaking


present perfect continuouse (40-45 minutes) • To help the Ss use the tense and "since & for" correctly

Ss supposed to know how to use the present perfect continuous tense correctly , by checking ex1 pg 67. Then Ss supposed to know the difference in using Since or For by checking ex2 in page 67. Finally, to make sure that Ss understood the lesson correctly we will check ex3 to find the mistakes and correct it.

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