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conversation,(what time is it?)
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In this lesson students will learn the time and some vocabulary that related to the conversation . first of all I will teach them the word of "clock " by showing a handicraft,I will teach them asking and answering about the time. then the lesson will continue by the story that consist of the new vocabulary after that i will teach each word by flashcard. i will start teaching the conversation through an acting about the story and my hand out .they will work on each sentence in pair work . at the end there will be a game with materials that related to the conversation


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of what time is it? ,get up,have breakfast, go home,go to school and have dinner

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation


laed-1 (5-10 minutes) • warm uo the lesson and engage students

I will start the lesson by showing a handicraft of clock I teach them the time by asking "what is this?" "its a clock" ( and ask them to repeat one bye one, and all together, then I tell them the differences between watch and clock. after that I set the time on clock and ask them what time is it? " for example: it is 5 oclock . then I ask them to repeat after me. after a while I write the question ( what time is it?) on the board they should ask each Other the question with the handicraft and answer to it.

vocab part (8-10 minutes) • teach the vocabulary

at this stage I will try to teach the words through a story , among the story I will teach each word by showing flashcards, after teaching each word I stick the flashcard on the board and write the words under it by red marker.I ask them to repeat each word one by one and together . at the end I will divide Ss in 2 group and ask them to make a story by all the vocabulary that they learned.

main aim (15-20 minutes) • teach the conversation

for this part the lesson I will play a role for them and I will change my sit as a character for students apprehension. after each dialog( sentence) I show my materials about those sentence and ask them to repeat it while they are look at each sentence in their hand , then i stick those sentence on the board.( which is writen by special form for each dialog). at the end I ask them to read the conversation 2 by 2 from the board. then each Ss will have 3 minutes to memorize it and play the role on the board 2 by 2.

Game-like activity (3-5 minutes) • to give students opportunity to remember the conversation and review it in a pair work

I will divide Ss to 2 groups. chose on of the group and ask them to arrange the sentence of the conversation on the table in 2 minutes then I set the time with timer. each group can organize it sooner win the game.and I give them some thing as a gift.

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