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In this lesson students learn about the past simple according to the reading context about ( Mandela) and the activities about using the past simple. Also students have the chance to talk about their childhood in the past.The lesson starts with showing a picture of ( Mandela) and T asks some questions about the picture and students answer them.


Abc Gap - fill handout

Main Aims

  • To provide reading skill about the past simple using regular and irregular verbs.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide speaking skill using sentences talking about events happened in the past


Lead-in: • To activate Ss about the text which is about ( Mandela) and what is the tense used in this story

1- T tells a short story in the past as kind of revision for the previous lesson. 2- T shows a picture of ( Mandela) eliciting what Ss know about him. 3- T elicits some sentences about the picture in the past simple and writes them on the board. 4- T asks Ss about the verbs in the chosen sentences if they regular or irregular.

Pre- Reading • To create the context with the past simple tense.

-T tells Ss that they are going to read about famous person ( Mandela). -T asks Ss to an activity about a date and a name in the text. - T asks Ss to do gist reading by skimming the text and answer the questions. -FB

While Reading (8-10 minutes) • To get Ss read in tails about the text.

-T revises the past simple tense with regular and irregular verbs. - CCQs about using the the past simple tense. - T gives the instructions for activity 2 page 48 ( pair work) -T Demonstrate the activity by doing the first sentences. -T asks ICQs : Are you going to write sentences? No Are you going to fill in the gaps? Yes -T gets feed back. -T asks students to check their answers with other pairs. -T asks Ss to check their answers from the answer keys. -T asks Ss to do activity 3 page 48( pair work) changing the pairs. -T gives the instructions to do this activity. -T-T demonstrates the instructions by doing the first one. -T -T asks ICQs ; Are going to write your school? No Are going to order these sentences? Yes - T asks Ss to check answers with other pairs. - T gets feedback. -T asks Ss to check their answers from the answer keys.

Post- Reading • To practice the past simple tense

-T focuses Ss on the boxes and teaches them the differences between regular and irregular verbs -Ss then work in pairs and find the past simple of the other words ( activity 4-a page 48). - T checks answers with the class and write the past simple forms on the board. - Ss do the second part of the activity ( 4-b page 48) in pairs by referring to the verbs and their past simple forms in 4-a. -T checks answers with the class. -T

Speaking skill • To get Ss use the language target which is the past simple tense

-T asks Ss to work in pairs and try to create sentences using the past simple tense . -Ss talk about their childhood. - one S asks and the other answers and vice versa. - T asks ICQs : Are you going to read text? No Are you going to talk about your life when you were children? Yes - T demonstrates the instructions by talking about his childhood. - T asks Ss to change the partners

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