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B1 level


In this lesson, student will have dealt with a couple of new words and their part of speech. At the end of the lesson, they will use this learned vocabulary in a speaking activity.


Main Aims

  • Lexis

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking through a pair-finding activity


Lead-in (2-3 minutes) • To warm-up students with the idea of expert

Re-group the ss Elicit 'Expert': I know everything about Mathematics. My knowledge is huge. I am a Mathematics ....... It's similar to specialist. (Expert) Instruction: I'll give you a hand out. Work in groups and find expert's fields. You have 2 minutes. FB: Nominate Ss.

Matching (5-6 minutes) • To provide students with new vocabulary and make them get used to the idea of expert

Instruction: Work in pairs and match the questions with the pictures. Focus on the keywords. You have 2 minutes. ICQ: Will you work alone? (No) Then give students the questions and pictures as cut up. Write the answer key on the board. Instruction: Work in groups. Try to find answers for the questions. You have 2 minutes. Monitor and find the ss with the most correct answer. FB: Give the answer key to a student and let her/him read the answers. After each question, ask the groups if they have the same answers or not.

Vocabulary (19-21 minutes) • To present students new vocabulary

Instruction: I'll give you a handout. Match the questions with the word pairs in the box. Work in pairs. You have 2 minutes. ICQ: Will you use one word or a pair of words for each situation? (A pair of words) Give them the handout. FB: T reads the answers CD the words: Discuss, Respond, Investigate, Inquire Discuss: Do you discuss when you agree with someone or disagree with someone? (Disagree) Reply/Respond: Can we reply/respond to an email? (Yes) Can we reply/respond to a book? (No) Investigate/Investigation: Do the police investigate before or after a crime? (After) Look into/Inquire: Where do you look into when you want to cook a different meal? (A recipe book) Instruction: One of these words doesn't have a noun form. Which one is it? (Look into) Work alone. Fill it here if the verb and noun form is the same, fill it here if you have to change the something. Let them check in peers. FB: WC feedback and DW noun forms: Discussion, Response, Inquiry, Investigation Instruction: Unfold and. Underline the correct answers to complete the sentences. Give the HO. Peer check. FB: Give one s the AK and let her/him play the teacher role.

Speaking (13-15 minutes) • To let students use the target language in a speaking activity

Divide them into two. Instruction: We'll play a game. I'll give this group some questions. And some questions to this group. Read them and put them in your pockets. Stand up and find the person with the answer to your question. Then sit down again. You have 3 minutes in total. Now, the other way. (questions reversed) You got three minutes. Monitor them for the delayed feedback. Give Ss the answer key and clarify pronunciation problems if heard any during monitoring. If time allows, Ss will write their own sentences using the new vocabulary on the board.

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