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intermediate level


Main Aims

  • My main aim for this lesson will be reading, the context will be based on identical twins, and whether students are similar, different or identical to their siblings. The students will be using sub skills of reading for specific information.

Subsidiary Aims

  • My sub aim will be lexis, I will introduce and drill different lexis related to the text about identical twins.


Lead in (5-5 minutes) • Get students interesting in the context to increase the receptive skills ready for reading.

Ask the class "who has a brother or a sister?" Show them a picture of my sister. Tell the class that we are both sociable personalities, we are also both quite bossy sometimes (bringing in from lesson the day before). Ask Ss if they think we are the identical? Introduce the word "similar" and different by asking more questions such as do we look the same? Give Ss HO1, in pairs they must ask each other about the listed similarities they have with their siblings. Give 3 mins.

Lead in Feedback (4-4 minutes) • Elict the word "twins & identical"

Using WC feedback ask if anybodies partner was in identical every way to their brother/sister? If not ask what if they had the same birthday and where and they had the same birthday? Try and elicit the word twins. CCQ; (hold up red & black markers) are these identical? (hold up red & red markers) are these identical? Can you tell identical twins apart? The Ss who have got the concept ask them if they can think of any famous Turkish identical twins?

Pre-Reading task (8-8 minutes) • Introduce the Ss to any key vocabulary in the text

Explain to the class that we are going to read a text about different identical twins & their similarities, but before we read it properly I have some new words to learn to help you understand it better. Using guided discovery In pairs look at the words and try and match them with the correct definition or picture on HO2.

Drilling (8-8 minutes) • To give MFP to new vocabulary and drill

Get the class to give me their answers to the pre-reading task. Use the words in a sentence and drill. make sure I show the Ss where the stresses will be.

While Reading 1 (8-8 minutes) • Practice reading for specific information.

Tell Ss that you are going to give them some different sentences. They must read the text and decide if the sentences are true or false. This will get the students reading for specific information. Use an answer key as feedback.

While Reading 2 (5-5 minutes) • Reading to prepare opinions for the productive task.

Read the box about fact about the "jim twins" look at the questions I have given and write your opinions ready to discuss with your classmates.

Post reading (7-7 minutes) • Students use their productive skills to talk about the similarities between the "Jim twins"

Put students into groups of 3-4 and get them to discuss their answers to HO3. This will help them to use their productive skills and ensure that they have understood the text.

vocab game (0-0 minutes) • Get Ss using their productive skills through role play

Tell the class we all look the same, I am going to give each person a piece of paper with things their character likes doesn't like. The Ss must mingle with their classmates asking questions to each other to try and find their identical twin.

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