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In this lesson we will cover grammar in the context of shopping for clothes. Elements will include vocabulary regarding colors as well as the grammar for "he / she doesn't"


Main Aims

  • To provide clarification for the grammar for he / she doesn't

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review of colors


Warmer/Lead-in: About colors (5-6 minutes) • To provide a warmer that is thematically congruent with teacher before and after

- Pre-set computer with audio and video - Explain: we are going to watch a video. - Play video of slow-colors, ask about thoughts on video - Distribute HO "how many colors did you see?" - Put in pairs and combine answers. Ask each pair group the names of the colors they saw

Vocabulary: Colors (12-13 minutes) • Check knowledge of and practice vocabulary, small bit of adj. grammar

- Make 2x4 table on WB. Put 8 sheets colored paper in boxes - Divide class into two groups, hand pen to first in each group - Explain teacher will show card with TEXT of a COLOR, and then first person from either group to tick off the color wins race. Go through each color 2x. - Give away teacher's color cards and ss match the text card with the color swatch. - Pronunciation drill using colors and cards on WB - SS return class to normal setup and to seats. - ask "what color is my t-shirt? Explain location of [adj] 1. My t-shirt is black 2. I have a black t-shirt

Listening Exercise (7-8 minutes) • Listening for main points

- Hold "OLGA BEN DONNA. INSTRUCTION: Listen and write out O, B, D besides the colors. POINT OUT: possible multiple names for each answer. - Distribute OLGA BEN DONNA, play 1.85, tell students to complete HO - Arrange in simple pairs, students check each other's work. - FB: write 1-8 on board, elicit answers, point out most like black.

Grammar (11-12 minutes) • To introduce grammar "he / she doesn't + verb"

- DRAW 1x2 TABLE on WB [FIND STUDENT IN BLACK TO PROMPT] Column 1: "I like black clothes" and "he likes black clothes" -(elicit ss help to form the negative below for column 2): Column 2: "I don't like black clothes" and "He doesn't like black clothes" Drill and demonstrate forming negative: he /she doesn't + verb. TEACHING POINTS A. after he/she we add an "s" to the verb ("like" goes to "likes", so don't changes to doesn't). B. we don't add an -s to the main verb (so we don't say "doesn't likes") C. Drill pronunciation of the above table, keep an eye on "doesn't" - Divide groups into 3/4 using (Dollars, Euros, Lira, Pounds) - Explain/Distribute HO "Neg_sentence" - FB nominated students fill-in WB - distribute key - Explain/Distribute HO "Read and Correct" - FB ask (Necdet) to be the answer key

Speaking Practice (12-13 minutes) • SS use forms to practice and pronounce

- Divide groups into PAIRS using (A, B) - Demonstrate folding of HO "SPEAKING" - Instruct students who are A to tell partner B the first half of the exercise - Monitor closely hot correct - Switch B tells A same half of exercise. - Monitor closely hot correct - Instruct ALL to turn over HO and ask all A's to tell class a few things about their B partner - hot correct - B's tell the class a few things about their A partner. - hot correct errors you hear while monitoring.

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