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Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson students will practice reading for gist,scan and specific information through the context of 'jouney'. They will also be introduced to some new fixed expressions and review old vocablary. The lesson will end with a writing exercise, where students plan out there own journey. I will ask them to use the 'future simple' tense.


Main Aims

  • To give students pratice in reading for gist and specific information. They will also scan text to find answers.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give students semi-controlled practice writing about future events.
  • To introduce and practice fixed expressions in English in the context of 'travel'.


Lead In (5 minutes) • To elicit the topic 'journey' by activating skemata to provide context to the lesson.

I will elicit the topic by asking the class: 'Did anyone go on a road trip before? Hitchhiking,car,bike, caravan? My brother and I went on a road trip around the states. Use some of the target language. No hotel rooms, no time limit,anything could have happen ....

Pre-teach Vocabulary (5 minutes) • To introduce some fixed expressions before they read.

Try to use some of the fixed expressions in your lead. break down, hit up, riped off, good deal, now or never,ran out of steam Elicit answers from the class using gestures and piictures.

Scan (2 minutes) • To have students practice scanning for certain items in a text.

Chest reading on pg 72 New Inside Out Students Workbook. Show them the questions beneath the reading. Answer a,b,c ... and have them think about d.. Give time limit of 1 minute. ICQ: Are you reading the whole text? Whoever finishes first will write answers on board

Gist (6 minutes) • To have students practice reading for comprehension.

Read question on pg 72 #1 Read the article about Nick's motorcycle trip across US. What problems did he have? Talk to their neighbor about the reading. Did he get a good deal at the end? Have class talk debate on question Listening :2.29

Read for detail (6 minutes) • To have students pratice reading for specific information.

Chest true or false questions to class. Ask them to work in pairs. If it is false, write the truth. ICQ:Are we writing anything for the ones that are true? Check answers with WC.

Writing (15 minutes) • To have semi-controlled writing practice for students using 'future simple' tense.

Chest HO 2 to class. Have them work in groups of 3 or 4. Ask the students to plan their own journey across Turkey. Set context by telling them they have 10 days. Choose vehicle, caravan,bike,car,hitchhiking maybe Where will they visit? how long will they stay there? What will they see? What they will eat? Waterfalls? Ask them to incorporate some TL montain,pass through, pass by,northeast, south ...

Post Writing (5 minutes) • To have students practice reading and speaking for fluency.

Groups will stick the'r journey on WB. Students will look abd read about other classmate's ideas. They will mingle with one another, asking and answering questions.

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