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Teaching Practice 5a
Intermediate level


In this lesson, the students talk about privacy issues. The class starts with a reading on installing cameras in schools. Next, the students will be put into groups either for or against installing cameras in schools. Afterwards, a representative from each group will take part in a debate. If there is extra time I will introduce two cartoons both concerning privacy on the internet (particularly facebook and youtube). Hopefully they will have a basic understanding of the cartoons and will be able to take part in a discussion on privacy on the internet.


Abc Privacy Cartoon
Abc Handout 1
Abc Group Handouts
Abc Handout 2
Abc Picture of CCTV cameras

Main Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a debate in the context of violations of privacy.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist reading practice using a text about installing cameras in schools in the context of violations of privacy.


Warm Up/Lead-In (3-4 minutes) • To spark interest and set the context

----Welcome the Class----- Remind them of your information from yesterday - name and where I'm from. I'm excited to be working with you. ----Cartoon Displayed on the Projector------- Elicit why is it funny. Any ideas? Ask what the things on the ceiling are. Do you think the student likes the camera? What about the teacher? Let them discuss a bit but not too much.

Pre-reading task (4-5 minutes) • For the students to get an idea about the article

Put the picture of CCTV cameras on the projector. -------Where are these cameras?----------- Elicit places these cameras could be: airport, schools, etc. --------Have your say: Spying on our kids?---------- Put the scan of the article title on the projector. In pairs discuss for two minutes what the article could be about. Feedback: Have one or two students tell their idea to the class. --------Find the word that means-------------- HANDOUT 1 Vandalism: the crime of intentionally damaging property belonging to other people. Bullying: The act of urting or frightening someone who is smaller or less powerful than you. Minority: A small number or part

While-Reading (4-5 minutes) • Check their predictions

-----Handout 1------- 3 minutes to quickly read the article and decide if what you thought was correct. Is it what you thought it was about? Once they are finished separate them into 4 groups. Go around the room saying A, B, C, D. Have them meet with their group and discuss what the article was about.

Post-Reading and SPEAKING (10-11 minutes) • To discuss the article and talk about their opinions

----Pre-Teach For/Against-------- Installing CCTV in Schools. I am for it.....because it will make the school a safe place. I am against it....because it will be expensive. ----GROUP HANDOUTS-----DEBATE------ As a group write down reasons either FOR or AGAINST CCTV cameras in schools in Istanbul. 5 reasons!!! YOU HAVE 10 minutes. -----MONITOR----- Make sure to go around to each group. Spark ideas if they don't have any.

SPEAKING Role-play (10-11 minutes) • For the students to debate and practice speaking for fluency

------1 representative from each group-------- Teacher sits and the four representatives stand up and talk about their reasons. Try and make them talk to the class not to the teacher. ---------VOTE---------- Everyone sits down and we have a class vote either FOR or AGAINST installing CCTV cameras in Istanbul's schools.

Freer Practice and Discussion (10-10 minutes) • For the students to get further practice in an extended context

If I have time -------CARTOON HANDOUT------- In groups discuss the cartoons. Answer these questions. Write them on the board: Are you friends with people you don't know on facebook? Do you have a lot of personal information on the internet? 5 minutes ------Feedback/CCQ-------- In the first cartoon. Who is she? (If they don't know tell ask if they know little red riding hood). Who is he? (Again if they don't know tell them about the Big Bad Wolf) Are they friends on facebook? (Yes). Are they actually friends in real life? (No!) Second cartoon: What are their jobs? (They are unemployed!) Why are they unemployed? Do they regret having personal information on facebook and youtube? (Yes!) ----END OF CLASS----- Thank everyone. See you tomorrow. You are finished for today!

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