Hollie Hollie

Copy of TP 4, Vocabulary and speaking
Upper intermediate, B2 level


The lesson will mainly focus on vocabulary and speaking. The students will discuss what kind of mistakes they usually do when they speak English and listen to a recording where they sort out what the mistakes there are using new vocabulary. Then they will have a discussion about common mistakes that people do when they speak in foreign languages.


Abc A chart
Abc Global Up Int, ex 4, p 22
Abc Global Up Int ex 1, p 22
Abc Global Up Int, ex 2,3, p 22
Abc Listening recording CD 1,19-124,Global Up Int, From: Clandfield ,L & Robb Benne, R (2011) Macmillan
Abc Global Up Int, ex 4, p 22
Abc Global Up Int, Workbook,page 10, vocabulary 3

Main Aims

  • To provide new vocabulary through listening

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide listening for gist/ detail to introduce new vocabulary, to practise speaking for fluency in the context of common mistakes


Lead in (4-6 minutes) • To engage Ss in the topic

Greet Ss. Make a speaking line. Ss ask each other several questions what kind of mistakes they usually do 1) when they speak English,2) when they write in English 3) when they listen Then take FB.

Listening (4-6 minutes) • To provide listening for gist

Focus SS on the listening activity. They listen and discuss with their partners what problems the speakers have. take FB

Listening / Detail (3-5 minutes) • To provide listening for detail

Focus Ss on the same listening task, Handout the chart. Let them listen again put the right word to the chart. Check in pairs. Take FB.

Language Focus Vocabualry (5-7 minutes) • To present new vocabulary with "mis"

Ask one of the Ss what one of the speakers did ( e.g. misheard) Write the word on the board. Is it in Simple Present? No Does misunderstand mean "I got you, I know what you want to say"? No What do all these words have in common? The prefix "mis" What part of speech are they? Verbs. write on the board. Drill some of the verbs

Controlled practice (3-4 minutes) • To check how well they can use the words.

Hand out ex3 (workbook) Ss do it in pairs, Check in groups. Take FB

Speaking (8-10 minutes) • To provide speaking for fluency using new vocabulary

Focus Ss on discussion questions. Look at the ex first individually (1min) Group them and discuss in groups. remind them to use The words with "mis"

Follow up (3-5 minutes) • To raise Ss awareness of common mistakes made in any language

Ask what common mistakes the ss have found out. Correct their errors If they had any during the discussion.

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