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Lesson Plan 2 Practice in writing letters and emails to Friends to keep in touch
UP1 level


This lesson from the workbook maintains the general theme of the Unit - Alive and well - but moves to a more personalized task. The reading stage provides the model text that he Ss can use for their writing.


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Abc Global Upper intermediate workbook
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Main Aims

  • To provide SS with practice in writing letters/emails to family and friends.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed reading practice using a text about Writing letters/emails in the context of Family and friends


Lead in (3-5 minutes) • I aim to engage the SS in a dialog and create interest for the subject.

Ask SS about people they haven’t spoken to in a long time. Ask what they would expect to hear from them. Show image of a friend I haven't seen in a long time. Ask SS for examples of things I could ask. Provide examples if needed

Gist (5-10 minutes) • SS extract information from the text and identify any similar ideas it contains.

SS read the letter and see if it contains any of their ideas. SS check in pairs. Take FB.

Detail (5-5 minutes) • SS work together to match.

SS work together to match the topics to the paragraphs. Give SS answer key and let them check their work.

Main stage (3-5 minutes) • Optional SS sumaries letter in groups

Ask SS to work in pairs and summaries the letter into one sentence. Take FB

Features of Writing (5-5 minutes) • Matching words to the letter.

Writing ex5 - Ask Ss to match the expressions that Miranda uses for these things. Take FB. Ask the class what all these words have in common

Preparing to write (5-5 minutes) • SS work in groups, SS plan writing task.

SS think about whom they will write to, and make notes about what they're doing now and what had happened. Get the SS in small groups and to compare what they wrote and help them choose the best thing to include in their letters.

Writing (7-10 minutes) • SS exercise writing

Hand out paper for the SS. Think about presentation so the Ss try to do a good job. SS work alone to write their letters. Monitor and help if needed. SS stick their letters to the wall and compare whose life has changed the most.

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