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Copy of Test-Teach-Test Presentation of language
Upper-intermediate level


In this lesson, students will learn about vocabulary relates to people attitudes that is based on the quality of the mind. The lesson will start with an visual introduction so the students can brainstorm and elicit ideas and words related to the topic. This activity will be followed by two other tasks that will be set as group activities so the students will keep up motivated and focused during the lesson.


Main Aims

  • Main aim : By the end of this lesson, learners will have a better understanding of adjectives that relates to the quality of the mind that affects people's attitudes.

Subsidiary Aims

  • sub aim: Learners will be able to use that language in different sentences or describing someone.


Lead in (5-5 minutes) • To generate interests in the topic of the lesson

I will set an open question to the students to be discussed as whole class about what's the difference between the brain and the mind. Then again ask students if the qualities of the mind can be noticed through attitudes.

First Test (diagnostic) (10-10 minutes) • To teach learners current knowledge of and ability to use the language and identify what the issues are

I will be using visuals as images in order to allow students have an almost clear image about the lesson. As well as, eliciting ideas and words that students already know about the topic. In groups students will be given a matching activity to do; where they'll have to match the definitions with their words. As a whole class feedback, students will report and compare their answers.

Teach ( Clarifying) (15-15 minutes) • Clarify issues students had with meaning, form, and/or pronunciation

This stage will be built on a clarification based on the matching activity was given before. As students might be pronounce or spell some words incorrectly, I will make sure to do some drilling ( coral and group drills) as well as divide those words into syllables so the students will be able to say and write those words correctly. In this stage, too, I will highlight the "shwa" sounds so the students will be able to differentiate it in the new

Second Test ( Controlled practice/Free practice) (15-15 minutes) • Providing learners a controlled oral practice focused on using the laguage accurately as well as free practice to use it producting, in order to test what learners have learnt from the teach stage.

In this stage, I will set a discussion task so the students can put the words they've seen into practice and use it when talking. I will put these different sentences in different small papers, fold it into small pieces and put them all in a cup. As students will be sitting in groups, one student from each group will come up and take a random paper back to their groups for discussion. Students will be doing a group discussion and share their sentences along with their opinions to the whole class. As a WC feedback students will say if they agree or not with the spoken idea.

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