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Money Phrasal Verbs
Advanced level


In this lesson, students will practice using phrasal verbs which have relevance to financial decisions. They will be asked to relate these phrasal verbs to situations they have ]faced in their lives, and the lives of their acquaintances and peers.


Abc Matching Exercise

Main Aims

  • To introduce and practice using phrasal verbs in the context of money through personal financial experiences

Subsidiary Aims

  • To enable students to understand and practice the flexibility of phrasal verbs and develop their own "flow" to the language aiding in their flurency.


Lead-in (4-6 minutes) • To engage students in initial conversation about finances

Students will be prompted to respond to the question, 'What is Financial Security?' All students will be called on individually and asked to not only provide their own definition of this term but also an example of what it would look like for them to be financially secure. Students will also have an opportunity to agree or disagree with what others have said.

Exposure (10-12 minutes) • To give context for the target language through their personal situation of buying something expensive

Student will be shown via Jam-board and have a 4 part question in the chat. They will be brought into break out rooms of 2 each and closely monitored while sharing what their largest purchase was. Student will focus on what they bought, the price, the justification, and how they managed to afford it. This will allow background knowledge and understanding of the theme and topic without exposing the formal words. Students will then share with the class what their pair discussed and find similarities between their purchases and their finances.

Highlighting (2-4 minutes) • To draw students' attention to the words used to describe their situations

As students report what they discussed in exposure, the teacher will keep an ear out for alternative ways they say or describe the target language of pay off, take off, put down, rip off and save up. This will be recorded and used as a reference.

Clarification (8-10 minutes) • To clarify the meaning and pronunciation of the target phrasal verbs

Students will draw their attention to the images. Each image corresponds to a phrasal verb. Start with any covered in the Highlight teacher will prompt students to think of what the phrase means based on the image. After guesses have been made reveal the formal definition and have students drill both together and individually and repeat the phrases for proper pronunciation. Ensure all students recognize the rule of verb before preposition.

Controlled Practice (10-15 minutes) • To check comprehensions and differentiation and prepare students to use the verbs

Students will be shown and given via chat a PDF of several situations. Each situation has a corresponding phrasal verb and in BOR they will try to match the situations. After working in pairs students will share with the group before referencing the form chart. After referencing the form chart and practicing together changing their correct answers from one form to the alternate (ie phrasal verb +noun vs verb + noun + preposition).

Free Practice (8-10 minutes) • To provide students with free practice of the phrasal verbs

Students will be shown the original 5 phrasal verbs and given 5 minutes to individually create a personal scenario about a time this happened to them. Sentences will be written and reviewed for correctness.

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