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socialization lesson extrovert and introvert
Intermediate level 4 level


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Main Aims

  • • * The students will be able to develop there writing skills after identifying the blocking words. • * The students will be able to describe the extrovert and introvert people • * The students will be able to use extrovert and introvert in paragraph. • * The students get ready to writ by thinking about the topic.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Subsidiary Aims • * The students will be able to write in shorter sentences. • * The students will be able to write accurately to express his opinion . • * The students will be able to write their conversation ( Writing Skills ) / individually or in pairs activity.


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Greeting student and play stand up set down game. * Inform the Ss that they'll be checking some pictures and answer some questions about it before starting the writing skill task. . . . * Are you going to discuss pictures individually or in pairs ? ( in pairs ) * How long this task will take ? ( 3 minutes ) * Are you going to write or discus the picture? (discuss)

contextualization (8-10 minutes) • To proved lesson context and engage students to revision the meaning of extrovert and introv.ert

after the student discuss the picture I ask them about the behaviors extrovert and introvert meaning regards to the previous lesson page 40. as a quick revision . CCQS: did the extrovert person like to go out side with many friends or alone ?(many friends) did the introvert person like to working with co-workers or alone? (alone) did the extrovert person like to work with co- workers ? (with co-workers) then I aske them to read the article page 41 Q c

Useful Language (8-20 minutes) • To highlight and clarify useful language for coming productive tasks

modeling after they read the article c page 41 . I ask them elastic question about the article CCQS: what is the tittle of the article ? ( life as an extrovert) what is the topic sentence in this article?(As an extrovert, I love socialize) what is the great way to make friends.(party) what is the mining of party person? CCQS: did he a person like parties? (yes) did he extrovert? (yes) did he like going to new places?(yes) why did he hardly ever invite his friends to his house ? (he chair apartment with introvert person). practice: after we discuss the paragraph I order from the students to write (draft) paragraph about them selfies if they like to be party person or no. and when they finished we change the paper with the other students and discuses the paragraphs to gather. how many minutes do you have?(10 minutes) did you write individually or pairs ? (individually) did you write or read?(write) and I correct if there is any grammar mistake in the board after we discussed the drafts after we finish I order from them to write a short article about there social style .are you extrovert or introvert or a little of both How many minutes do you have?(10 minutes) Do you write individually or pairs?( individually ) did you write or read ?(write) then i collect the paper and correct them

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