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TP4 - Unit 5, Parents & Children, Global, p. 54 - 55
Upper Intermediate level


In this lesson, the students will read about parenting skills from a famous book and will learn new vocabulary within this context. They will read a text about the role of fathers and entertainment in the upbringing of children, using gist, prediction, and doing reading for detail tasks. They will follow this up with a speaking activity related to the overall context of the lesson.


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Main Aims

  • To practice reading for gist, prediction and obtaining specific information (in a text about parents and childcare)

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide opportunity to the students to learn new vocabulary and practice speaking fluency


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set context and engage students in the topic of parenting and childcare

T will show own pictures when she was a baby and of her children and will ask students if they recognize who is on the pictures Ss to share in groups of 4 if they have taken care of children (nephews/nieces, younger brother/sister, cousins, own children), do they like it, do they find it difficult, who tells them how to do it? Ss from the different groups to share with WC about someone in the group or themselves taking care of children T to show video with instructions how to give a bath to a newborn (1min approx.) Ss to think if such videos are necessary, are they useful? Ss in pairs to share quickly if they think new parents need instructions what to do with their newborn babies and what is the easy way to get those?

Pre-Reading (Vocabulary) (5-7 minutes) • To introduce some vocabulary to the students which will be useful when reading the text

T to elicit the meaning of 7 words from the Ss using synonyms, definitions, time line Ss to try to guess the new words and confirm their meaning T to do drilling for some of the words focusing on pronunciation (ex. conscientious, merely, morbid) T to write the words in one corner of the white board (possibly give HO with the words for students to take home)

While-Reading #1 (for gist) (8-10 minutes) • Students to do gist reading and complete specific information reading task (prediction of text content)

T to show Ss part of the text title and some pictures Ss to predict the full title and what the text is about and to which years approx. it is related Ss to share answers with WC Ss to discuss in pairs if they think there is a difference between childcare now and in the past Ss to read for 1 min with the task to see if they predicted correctly what the text is about Ss to share answers with WC

While-Reading #2 (10-12 minutes) • To provide students with more detailed reading tasks

T to ask Ss to read text again and think about the T/F questions from the HO Ss to work alone doing the T/F activity Ss to check with partner their answers Ss to share with WC the answers (T to ask why for False questions) T to split Ss in groups of 3 (ABC) and ask them to think about 2 questions (Why childcare has changed over the years in relation to fathers' role and entertainment? How is it in Turkey in relation to those two things?) Ss to work in groups and come up with answers One student from each group to share with WC the group's ideas

Post-Reading (Follow-up) (8-10 minutes) • Students to use methaphors and have some speaking practice within the context of the lesson

T to give HO with metaphors about relationships Ss to work in pairs to identify which metaphor relates to strong and which one to weak relations Ss to share answers with WC T to split Ss in groups of 4 and ask them to make a list of 3 things on "How a family with strong relations influences the growing up of a child" and 3 things on "How a family with weak relations influences the growing up of a child" (subject to time give "strong" to 2 groups and "weak" to other 2 groups) Ss share with other groups their ideas

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