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Teaching Prac 2
Beginner level


In this lesson it is aimed to teach and practice a new subject for the learners which is adjectives. Materials for this lesson consist of two exercies from the Face2face Starter Workbook, one teacher made dialogue and some pictures.


Abc Reading Text (Dialogue)
Abc Word Order Exercises

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of the adjectives in different contexts, mostly in the context of a city or a country

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy of the usage of some basic adjectives in the dialogue that is prepared by T


Lead in and Building the Context (10-12 minutes) • To introduce and practice the topic of adjectives

T will talk about the weather pointing out the window and will start to name some of the adjectives about today's weather (presumably cold and bad) so that SS can elicit that today's topic is adjectives. Then T will use fifteen different pictures of the adjectives that will be taught in the lesson. After showing a picture T will give its meaning and will stick a paper on that the adjective is written. This will repeat for every fifteen pictures. Then T will do Drilling to be sure that Ss have learned all the adjectives and to check their pronunciations. For the practice of the clarification part, T will work on PW or GW asking the Ss to match the opposites of the adjectives via the cards that is prepared by T. Then Ss will match the cards on WB

Reading Task (4-5 minutes) • To show the Ss the different uses of the adjectives on a written material

T will prepare a dialogue between two people talking about their cities. It won't be more than 5 lines to keep it easy and will include three different uses of adjectives that will be taught in the next stage. Before giving the Reading Text T will do a pre-teaching about some words in the dialouge that Ss might not know (like summer, people and city). Ss will read the dialogue individually an will be asked to underline every adjective seen.

Clarification of The Target Language (10-12 minutes) • To give instructions about the different uses of the adjectives

T will write three sentences that come directly from the dialogue that is read in the previous stage and will explain the different uses of adjectives. Two or three other examples for every different use willbe given to emphasize its uses.

Language Practice (10-12 minutes) • To Consolidate the Uses of the Adjectives

T will give the Ss a HO from Face2face Starter Student's Book. The sentences that include adjectives will be disordered and Ss will be expected to put them into right order. Ss will work individually. After giving the answer key for the ss to check their answers, drilling may be done by nominating some spesific learners

Clarification of The Use of Very (9-10 minutes) • To introduce and practice the use of 'very'

T will show two pictures to the Ss. On one of the pictures there will be an expensive car (like Opel) and on the other picture there will a more expensive car(like Lamborghini). The same method will also be used with weather (cold, very cold). T will clarify the use of very by using these kind of examples. And T will give exersices from Face2face Starter Studentbook to consolidate the use of 'very'. The correct answers will be checked with WC

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