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Listening TP-1
Intermediate level


A listening and speaking exercise that works with a dialogue that takes place between two work colleagues who find they have many things in common. This gives SS a chance to talk about their own similar traits that they share with the class.


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Main Aims

  • SS will focus on Listening for specific information between two work colleagues who find they have many things in common.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Ss will practice small talk with a partner.


Stage 1 (Lead In) (1-3 minutes) • Introduce the lesson and warm up the class.

Putting up a Spidergram on the WB with the following words De-vowelled: weather, money, work, family, problems and "Topics of conversation" De-vowelled in the middle of the spidergram

Stage 2 (Complete the words) (5-10 minutes) • Filling in the empty spaces in the spidergram

Ask sts to complete the words to discover the topic for the lesson. Ask sts what other topics are popular topic of conversation and I will add these to the spidergram.

Stage 3 Speaking activity (Talking Lines) (10-15 minutes) • Get ss to use various topics of conversation among themselves

Give each student a number -eg. If there are 18 ss, number the A ss 1-9 and the B ss 1-9. Call out each number and have the matching number students sit near or opposite each other. -Tell them to speak about the 1st topic and to stop when the instructor starts clapping. - Tell them to switch seats with the partner across them. - Give a new topic - sts talk and I stop them with clapping once again. - Students switch seats after each and every clap. Two topics will be given: Your favorite restaurant and A sport you like doing.

Stage 4 (Feedback) (1-5 minutes) • After the speaking activity SS's share feedback on what they learned.

Sts sit down and get some general FB quickly by asking a few individuals to share something interesting that they heard.

Stage 5 (Listening to recording) (5-10 minutes) • Listening to recording 1.33

Play recording 1.33 and ss do the task. Peer check and WC Fb

Stage 6 (Taking notes) (2-4 minutes) • SS take notes about the characters

Students listen again and takes notes about the things that Linda and Clive have in common. Check that they understand this phrase. STS do the task. If so let them Peer check and take some WC FB before the second listening.

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