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Past habits
Upper-intermediate level


In this lesson, students will practice the usage of " used to " regarding repeated past events. Also, they will be introduced to "would" and they will be shown the similarities and differences between the both. This will be done in the context of animals and pets.


Abc Discussion
Abc grammar exercise

Main Aims

  • To provide practice of past habits using "used to" and "would" in the context of animals and pets

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency in the context of animals and pets


Lead in (5-6 minutes) • direct the students' attention to the grammar part of the text

The students will have already tackled the vocabulary aspect of the text I'll be using, so I could ask the students what they have learned from the previous session and I'll have students name two crazy things that each person from the reading did.

Focus on the language (8-10 minutes) • convey meaning

Based on the sentences that the students underlined during the lead in, I will guide the students to the rules of " used to " and " would" and eventually lead them to the meaning of the both. I will ask them if "used to" and "would" are interchangeable. i.e: his twelve dogs would have dinner at the same table -> his twelve dogs used to have dinner at the same table. - and vice versa - ( I will write used to and would in different colors so they would eventually notice what the lesson is about ).

Practice (8-9 minutes) • to further convey the meaning of "used to" and "would" and mostly to show the similarities and differences between the two

I will give students handouts and will have them fill the blanks with the correct grammar. After finishing this exercise, I will specify that "used to + infinitive " is used for past habits, actions and states but "would + infinitive " is only used for past habits and actions, not to talk about past states

Controlled practice (8-10 minutes) • to make sure that students are capable of differentiating between "used to" and "would"

Since students are now supposed to know the difference between "used to " and " would", I will ask them to do exercise 1 of the students' book.

Freer practice (5-6 minutes) • exercise speaking and fluency

Students are required to think of seven things that they did as children and that they no longer do. - I will add " sports" ," music" and " pets to the already mentioned themes which are " clothes", " food", " games" and "sleep" I would change the seating arrangement for the last exercise which focuses more on speaking and using what students have already learned during the class. As this is mainly a speaking exercise, I want students to practice speaking with different classmates rather than speaking with the people they usually speak to.

Exchange information (3-4 minutes) • to have the students share what they have produced in the freer practice

After having finished with speaking about their " past experiences " regarding the topics mentioned in the freer practice, students will discuss and compare their sentences their classmates.

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