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TP 4A - A Weekend Break
Pre-Intermediate level


Main Aims

  • To give practice reading and speaking about hotels.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To introduce or review vocabulary pertaining to staying in a hotel.


Introduction / Setting Context (2-4 minutes) • To set the context of "Hotels"

"Is there anybody that wants to learn English so you can use it when you travel?" "What types of things will it be useful to talk about when you travel?" if hotels not volunteered, "Where will you stay?" (Hotel) "Why will it be useful to talk about hotels?" (So you can find a place that suits you) "Are all hotels the same?"

Exercise 1 - Gap Fill (3-5 minutes) • To test the students knowledge of hotel facilities vocabulary

Give the students HO 1 and instruct them to fill in as many blanks as they can, putting the words from the box in the appropriate category. "ICQ - are you going to know all of the words?" (Probably not, we will go over the ones you don't know)

Eliciting / Checking Vocabulary (4-6 minutes) • to elicit the TL from students using context clues and synonyms

Elicit the TL based on the HO to see what students got correct / incorrect. "What type of location do you look for in a hotel? In a major city? /When you want to swim or get a sun tan? What about if you want to get away from the busy streets and crowds?" (City / town centre, near the sea / ocean / beach, "What different types of rooms do hotels have? What if you want to stay alone? With your husband / wife in a big bed? With a friend? With your whole family?" (Single, double, twin, family) "What facilities do you want in the room? What if you need to use your laptop? Or if you want to watch a movie at night? What is it called when the hotel staff brings food to your room? Do some rooms have drinks inside? Where are they kept?" (Internet connection, satellite TV, room service, minibar)

Exercise 2 / Comprehension Check (6-10 minutes) • To confirm student's understanding through a series of questions

Instruct students to answer the questions on the handout by filling in the appropriate facilities based on the prompt. ICQ - "Do you need to write complete sentences?" No. Ask for some answers, get students to justify why they chose the facilities they did.

Drilling (4-6 minutes) • To get students to pronounce the TL correctly

Drill the words that seem to be most problematic, i.e.: Town / City Center Internet Connection Room Service Satellite TV Air Conditioning Central Heating Lift Resort

Speaking Exercise (4-6 minutes) • To get students to use the TL to describe important hotel facilities

Instruct students to think about where they want to travel and what type of hotel they want to stay in. Have them discuss the most important hotel facilities in their groups.

Speaking Exercise (6-8 minutes) • To get students to speak using the TL

Instruct students to work in pairs and ask / answer the questions on the HO. "One person asks the questions one at a time, and the other person answers them. Then switch." ICQ - "Are we writing?" No, speak and listen. After, ask students some of the questions to get examples and hear how the use of TL is. Drill more if necessary.

Pre-Teaching Vocabulary for Group Work (2-4 minutes) • To ensure that students know the key words for their group work

Elicit the following words to ensure students know them: "Destination" "Ski / Skiing" "Energetic" "Social Media"

Design Your Own Hotel (10-15 minutes) • Get students to read, speak, and write using the TL

Break students up into four groups. Instruct students to work in their groups to design their own hotel facility according to the information in the HO. They need to decide on an appropriate location, as well as facilities. ICQ - "What are you going to do first?" Read the information about your guests. ICQ - "What are you going to do second?" Talk about what the guests want with your group. ICQ - "What are you going to do third?" Write down the facilities that your hotel will have. ICQ - "Are you making a list, or writing sentences?" Both, write a list first, then make sentences.

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