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Call the doctor? - Reading and Writing (emails)
B2 - Upper Intermediate level


In this lesson, SS will practice the productive skills of reading and writing informal emails, in the context of catching up and sharing news about their personal health. SS will utilise vocabulary and grammar learned in the previous lessons, in the receptive skill practice of reading for gist as well as for greater detail.


Main Aims

  • To provide SS with productive practice of writing informal emails in the context of catching up and sharing news about health with a friend.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give SS receptive practice in reading functional, informal language
  • To practice and consolidate the use of present perfect simple and continuous grammar and illness and injury vocabulary from previous lessons.


Lead In (2-3 minutes) • To introduce the lesson theme of writing informal emails.

T-WC (introducing the theme of writing informal emails to a friend): "How do you communicate with your friends, especially those you don't see every day?" ... "What sort of things might you write in the email to someone you haven't seen in a while?" ... "This part of the lesson will be about reading and writing informal emails.

Email Reading for Gist Exposure (5-7 minutes) • To provide SS with an general understanding of the email and its context.

"Chest" the email HO (w/o highlighted words) and explain instructions for reading for gist exercise. "In a few moments, I will give you a handout with the content of an email on it. It has been written to you by your friend, Anna. For the purpose of this exercise, your name is Sue. I would like you to scan it, read it quickly, just getting a gist of the email's content. Only take 2 or 3 minutes to scan it. After you finish discuss with your group for just a minute what you think the email is about" "So, for the purpose of this exercise, who are you?" ... "And will you read the email word for word?" ... FB - ask WC to report back what they thought the nature of the email was.

Second Reading of Email - Error Correction Exercise (8-10 minutes) • To provide more familiarity with email and for error correction practice (grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, spelling)

"Chest" the email HO (with highlighted errors) and give instructions for exercise. "OK, I want you to read the same email again, but this time read it a little slower, paying more attention for any mistakes." ... "There are 12 highlighted mistakes: 4 grammar or vocabulary mistakes, 4 punctuation mistakes, and 4 spelling mistakes. Write the correction in the space provided on your HO." ... "This time work in pairs. And take 5 or 6 minutes for this, ok? If you have any questions, just yell out." ... Following completion, go through answer FB.

Useful Language Exercise (8-9 minutes) • To highlight useful language for writing informal emails, and to prime SS for subsequent writing exercise.

"Chest" the Useful Language HOs. "For this exercise, you will work in 3 groups. Could you arrange yourself into three groups, please?" ... "For this exercise, you will need to fill in the gaps. There are a list of words that fit into the blank spaces at the bottom of the HO." ... "Each group will get statements or questions from different parts of an email - the beginning, the middle and the end." ... "After you have finished, I will get you to share your completed statements with the other groups." ... "Take 5 minutes to complete, ok? And yell out if you have any questions." ... FB -Check Answers and elicit meaning of sentences. "What's another way of saying..." -Elicit from SS the type of email the useful language is from: "So what kind of email did you think those statements were from?"

Productive task - Email Writing Exercise (10-12 minutes) • To give SS writing practice in the context of an informal email.

"Chest" email writing HO, introduce email writing exercise. "Now, in groups of three, I'd like you to write an email back to Anna, from Sue...who is you, don't forget." ... Elicit the type of email they will be writing: "So what sort of email will you write to Anna? >what kind of email did Anna write to you?" >informal/formal? >long/short? >what sort of things are you going to write back to her about? >what sort of questions did Anna ask you? ... "Take about 7 to 8 minutes to write the email. Be as funny or creative as you like. Have fun with it, if that is your style. But try your best to respond to Anna's questions." ... "After you have completed your email, stick it up on the WB to share with the other groups."

Feedback Session (4-6 minutes) • To allow for T-S and SS-SS FB

Instruct SS to peruse each other's emails and provide FB. "So, go and take a look at the emails and feel free to write FB underneath on the WB" The teacher will also peruse for FB, first content, and if time permits, error correction. Have a group FB discussion about emails.

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