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Gr 6_SEM1_Wk 15 Christmas
Grade 6 level


Students learn the history and traditions of Christmas, then make a tree with presents that have notes for people they love


Main Aims

  • help students understand the significance and traditions of Christmas in English-speaking countries

Subsidiary Aims

  • students have fun making crafts
  • students create thoughtful "gifts" for their family and friends


intro (4-6 minutes) • get kids excited about Christmas

Explain that we have a lot of Christmas songs. Ask if they know any. Play the "Away in a Manger" song. They won't understand all the words but they'll get a sense of what a carol is like.

Christmas story (4-6 minutes) • students learn the story of Christmas

Go through the slides, getting students to read. This is just so that they can see and hopefully understand a little of the history and legends of Christmas. This is not an important part of the lesson so if you're one of those people who isn't comfortable teaching this, just skip it.

vocab (6-8 minutes) • students learn vocab of Christmas traditions

Go through the vocab slides, elicit model and drill.

controlled practice (6-8 minutes) • Give students a chance to recognise and use the vocab

Play "pictionary" with the vocab words. Have a kid come up, whisper a vocab word, and the kid has to draw it on the board. Others in the class have to guess. If you want you can have teams. Don't take too long so that you leave time for the craft activity.

free practice (16-20 minutes) • students design a craft tree and include presents with messages in English

Using paper, scissors, and glue, kids cut out a tree, cut out ornaments, and glue them to the tree. If they have string they can use it as tinsel. Next they make presents beneath the tree to glue to the bottom. Have them make presents that fold so that you can lift it up, almost like a small card. On the front they should write someone's name, mom or dad or the name of a friend/sibling. Inside each present they should write a note to that person, or something nice about them. Obviously this is the most important part of the activity so make sure they get to this, or start with presents and do the tree later.

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