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In this lesson students will In this lesson students will practice and develop their reading skills through the medium of a text about a shopping for clothes. The lesson starts with discussing the title of the article and then the Ss will try to give their predictions about the article.Then, students will get three pictures of three people and 6 short paragraphs that they should match to the right pictures. This is followed by another matching activity. There will be nine sentences about the three people and they Ss should match them while they practice their reading for details. Afterwards, students will have a general discussion about their favorite clothes shop. Finally, students will have a short writing activity based on the models that they have. Ss will not put their names on their papers that will be posted on walls around the classroom and they have to find out who is who.


Abc answer key
Abc 6 short paragraphs
Abc 3 pictures
Abc 9 statements
Abc writing paper
Abc discussion questions

Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed reading practice using a text about shopping for clothes in the context of Fashion

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice speaking and writing using the vocabulary of shopping for clothes in the context of Fashion


Pre-reading prediction (6-6 minutes) • To set the context and to engage students in discussion

Divide the students into pairs using clothes pictures and clothes names. Tell Ss that they are going to read an articles whose title is "Do you live to shop or...shop to live?" Write the title on the wb. Tell students to predict what the article will be about in pairs. Get some FB from the Ss. Make sure that they understand the title of the article.

Reading for gist activity (7-7 minutes) • To allow students to practice their reading for gist.

Show the three pictures and the six short paragraphs to students. Elicit what they need to do about them.(To match them) In pairs Ss match the pictures with the paragraphs.(max.4mins) Early finishers can check with the other pairs. Post the answer key and get the students to check it.

Reading for detail (7-7 minutes) • To provide students with practice for reading for detail

Show students the 9 sentences and tell them that these sentences are about the three people. Elicit what they need to do about the statements.(to match them to the correct person) In pairs students match the sentences.(max.4min) Early finishers check with the other pairs. Get three students from different pairs to write the answers on the wb.

Discussion (8-8 minutes) • To get students to practice speaking fluency based on a text

Divide students into groups of 3 or 4 depending on the attendance. Give them three question to discuss in their group: 1. which person from the article is similar to you?why? 2. what is your favorite clothes shop?why? 3. what do you usually buy from this shop? Students work in groups discussing these three questions with their peers. (max.5min) Throw the ball to a student who should answer one of these questions then he/she chooses who will talk next.(get at least 1 from each group to talk)

Post reading: Writing activity (10-10 minutes) • To get students to practice writing based on the reading text model

Ask students to put their names tags because their names will be needed in the next activity. Tell students that they have to work individually and they should write a short paragraph about themselves and how important are clothes to them. Tell students that they will use the modals that they have. Tell students that they shouldn't write their names. ICQ: are you going to show this to your partner? Teacher hands out the papers where the Ss should write.(7min) Teacher monitor and check if students need some help.

Guess who (6-6 minutes) • To get students to read and to guess who is the writer

Collect the writing papers from the Ss and post it on different places around the classroom. Ask students to take their pens and go read the papers and guess who is this person by writing their name there. Finally teacher asks every student to stand next to their paper and see if there are some Ss who had the right guess. There will be two papers that no one is standing next to them(mystery). Tell students to read and guess who are these two people.

Delayed error correction-if any- (if time allows) (1-1 minutes) • To clarify some mistakes for accuracy using the learnt vocabulary on the context of shopping for clothes

Read the errors on the WB and get students to correct them.

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