Stefan Stefan

Elementary level


The lesson is mostly centered around places in town, as well as uncountable vs. countable objects.


Main Aims

  • Grammar checking related to locations

Subsidiary Aims

  • Matching appropriate grammar with the vocabulary.
  • Listening to check answers


Warm-up • Get students thinking about the TL

Will come in right after Erfan, do a short intro, and then play the role of a clueless tourist. I'll ask some questions: Where's the metro? Where's the bus station? Where can I get something to eat? Hopefully, the Ss will answer with "there is one ____". I'll try to move into plurality: How many restaurants are nearby?

Explain contractions • To explain contractions.

After some answers have been provided for the clueless tourist, look over them. Since the students probably delivered them uncontracted, start contracting them. Show them how it's strange to use uncontracted words in speech.

Grammar gap-fill • To introduce students

After warm-up, students will be given a gap fill exercise for is/are/aren't/isn't. Have the students work individually. Help them with any problems they have with contractions. When they finish, have the students come up to the WB and fill in the blanks, and have the whole class check the answers.

Grammar gap-fill 2 • To practice more contractions.

Students will do another gap fill about Keswick, using hints on negatives and positives. Afterwards, students will check answers to a recording, while also listening for contractions.

Grammar gap-fill 3 • To practice 'is there' and 'are there'.

Ss will do another gap-fill where they complete a series of questions with either is there or are there. Intro the lesson with some CCQs on plurality. After, Ss will listen to another recording and practice asking the questions. Will point out that there is/are aren't stressed in sentences, but are/is are stressed in short answers.

Pair work • Continue practicing is/are/isn't/aren't

With the gap fill, students will ask themselves the same questions from the previous stage and put their answers in the 'me' column. After, they will be placed into pairs and will take turns asking their partner the same questions and putting their responses in the 'partner' column. Have them discuss if they live in similar places.

Group Discussion • End of lesson review

Students will think of a favorite place they like to go for holiday, then note all the things from the list that it does/doesn't have. Students will then get into groups and talk to each other about their favorite place. Ss should then pick one place from their group and tell the class why they would like to go there.

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