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A1/2 level


Abc A doulbe life

Main Aims

  • To provide gist listening practice using a text about 'Guess my job'
  • To provide detailed reading practice using a text about 'A double life' in the context of professions

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a role play/ conversation in the context of jobs
  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of what you know about your country


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

1- T. displays a picture of people with different jobs. 2- Elicit from Ss the names of the jobs. 3- T. asks the Ss what their dream job is.

Pre-teaching Vocabulary (5-7 minutes) • to remove blocking vocabulary and facilitate understanding of the text

vocabulary: ( artist-musician - stressful - band - paid holiday) 1- T. sets context" before you read the text, let's have a look at some useful words." 2- T. elicits the meaning of the vocabulary items through pictures, miming and definition. 3- T. drills the vocabulary then displays them and highlights the word stress.

Reading Task (10-12 minutes) • To expose students to the Target Language and to improve heir reading for details

T. shows the Ss the picture displayed with the text and ask them " what do you think she's doing?/ what do you think her job is?" 2- T. elicits the answers. 3- T- sets the task by saying, " Read the text and match the sentences or the paragraphs with the suitable questions?" 4- Demo the task with one of the Ss by reading the first sentence and eliciting from the students the answer. 5- T. asks a couple of ICQs to check Ss' understanding of the task. - Are you reading or listening? - alone or in a group? - Are you reading only? 6- Ss first work individually. 7- After they finish, T. puts them in breakout rooms to check their answers in groups. 8- T. monitors to help Ss in need and make sure they are all participating. 9- T. sends everyone back the main session and nominates Ss and elicits the answers. 10- T. displays AK as feedback and Ss check their answers. Second read: 1- T. sets the task" Read the article again quickly and name one good and one bad thing about Annabel's job." 2- T. asks ICQs: - are you reading slowly or quickly? - alone or in a group? - are you reading only? 3- Ss read individually. 4- T. elicits the answers in an OC discussion. 5- T. provides correction if needed.

language clarification (8-10 minutes) • To introduce meaning, form and pronunciation

Meaning: T. starts with a guided discovery task to clarify the meaning (2 mins) 2- T. sets the context, " Read the three questions and match them with their corresponding meanings." 3- T. demos the first one with the class. 4- T. gives the Ss 30 seconds to think individually. 5- T. then nominates Ss and elicit the answers in an OC feedback. Pronunciation: 6- T. drills the sentences with the Ss. 7- T. models the samples and highlights the sentence stress, linked parts and intonation. 8- T. useS a CCQ, " Does the music of the sentence go up or down?" 9- T. elicits the answers and provides a feedback. Form: 10- T. elicits the form using back chaning technique.

Listening Task (8-10 minutes) • listening for specific detaisls

1- T. sets the context, " You will listen to three people, Brain, Liz and Maralin, asking Phil questions to try to guess his job. Listen and answer the questions with yes, no or it depends." 2- T. demos the task with Ss. 3- ICQs: - are you listening alone or in a group? - will you be listening only? 4- T. plays the record for Ss. to listen and answer the Qs. 5- After Ss finish, T. sends them to breakout rooms to check their answers in groups. 6- T. monitors Ss and offers help when needed. 7- T. sends everyone back to the main session, nominates some Ss to elicit the answers and T. displays AK.

productive skill (speaking) (8-10 minutes) • Productive Task (speaking)

1- T. sets the task by saying, " Let's play the 'Job Quiz' game. One will think of a job and we will try to guess it by asking questions." 2- ICQs: are listening or speaking? are working alone or in a group? What will you try to know? how? 3- T demos the task with one of the Ss by sending a job name to the picked student I a private message. 4- Ss poses like 5 different questions and then they'll try to name the job. 5- Repeat it a couple of times picking different Ss.

feedback and error correction (2-3 minutes) • To provide students with feedback on their language and correct some of the mistakes they made

1- T. shows Ss some of their mistakes and contrasts it with good models of language and elicits from the Ss which is the correct forms. 2- T. gives feedback and elicits correction from Ss.

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