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Teaching Practice 1a
Pre-Int level


In this lesson students will learn to read for specific information through reading about some celebrity marriages. First they will be shown a famous Turkish couple who have recently divorced, brainstorm things they know about them and review lexis related to relationships. They will do reading exercises 2,3 and move on to the lexis in pairs.Here they wıll be gıven a cut out HO in pairs and will be asked to match the pairs After checking and giving feedback, students will form small groups to discuss the statements. Finally last 6-7 minutes they will see a picture of 3 famous couples who have an age difference and conclude what they have in common, then discuss age difference.


Abc Gapfill HO
Abc Reading HO

Main Aims

  • To provide reading practice for specific information using a text about Couples in the context of Failed Marriages

Subsidiary Aims

  • To review lexis related to relationships


Warm up (9-10 minutes) • To introduce the subject and have the students familiarize with certain vocabulary they will read in the article

Show a picture of Turkish celebrities Ebru Şallı and Harun Tan and ask what they know about them. Since they are a well-known couple they will try to speak about their sansational relationship. Dwell on target words like "married","divorced" and verb patterns "to get married, be married, get divorced".

Reading activity (8-10 minutes) • To find specific information

Direct the Ss' attention to the photos of the famous people. Ask them if they know any of them Cindy Crawford: Model (Sivaslı Cindy) Richard Gere & Julia Roberts : Pretty Woman Nicole Kidman: Eyes Wide Shut, The Others Bruce Willis: Die Hard Demi Moore: Ghost Ask them to read the information and how long each couple was married for and what went wrong in their relationship. Ask them to answer the questions in 3 then ask them to check and compare the answers of the student sitting next to them.

Comprehension Check (5-7 minutes) • To get students read and elicit the specific information

Students read the text, then answer the questions in exercise 3. in pairwork. Check answers with the class.

Lexis (10-10 minutes) • Practice using the lexis they learned from he reading stage

Give them HOs and ask them to work in pairs and match the collocations. Check their work. Then, collect the handouts and ask them to complete the expressions with one word in each gap. Use ICQs to avoid confusions. Encourage the students to try to complete the sentences without looking at the text and compare their answers in pairs or small groups. Check answers with the class

Discussion task (8-10 minutes) • To provide freer speaking practice for the accuracy and fluency using the targer vocabulary

Work in small groups Ask if they agree with each statement. Show the picture of famous couples who have a big age difference and have them find their common point. Tell them the answer is in the Lexis stage. Ask them if a big difference in age is a problem in relationship or not. Ask whether the couple is more likely to divorce when the man or woman is older. Give them a minute to brainstorm then ask individually

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