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Teaching Practice 3
Elementary/A2 level


In this lesson, students learn and practice asking questions in Past Simple Tense. First sts will revise verb past forms in a bingo like game. After that, they will be given a storyboard with two different tasks that will help them to understand the meaning. Then the form will be elicited from the sts and written on the WB, This will be followed by drilling the pronunciation. Finally sts will practice asking questions in 2 different speaking activities.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of past simple questions in the context of last weekend, last holiday activities.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide sts with speaking practice of asking questions in Past Simple Tense


Lead-in irregular verbs game (6-8 minutes) • To revise irregular verbs forms

sts are divided into groups of 4 and given the verb HO and the numbers. They put the HO in front of them on the table. They shuffle the numbers and then put them face down. Sts take it in turns to pick a number and look at the verb in that square. they must then tell the past form. FB: students can correct on each other. They will be also given an irregular verbs table they can refer to if they don't agree on the answer

Understanding the meaning (8-10 minutes) • to introduce students to the meaning of past simple question,

Students work in pairs. I introduce them to the characters Ali and Ayse who invited their friends Kemal and Gul to dinner last weekend.They are given a storyboard sheet and shuffled sentences in the Past Simple Tense. They have to match sentences to the pictures. Then sts are given jumbled questions, they have to unjumble them and match them to each picture/sentence pair. FB: students are given answer key with unjumbled questions

form and pronunciation (5-6 minutes) • to elicit the correct form from sts, to drill the right pronunciation

I will write an example question from the previous task on the board an try to elicit it's form from sts. I assume that sts will be able to give the form easily as they will get familiar with Past Simple questions in the previous task. Then I ll drill the pronunciation as "the past simple question form often includes features of elision and assimilation" (J. Scriverner)

writing activity (8-10 minutes) • to give students practice in writing Past Simple questions in context of holiday

sts get HO with sentences about my holiday, sts work individually writing question to each sentence. when they have finished they swap the HOs in pairs and peer check. Then whole class check. While monitoring I ll try to correct the errors. If necessery I ll correct some errors on the WB.

Speaking activity (8-10 minutes) • to give students speaking practice

Students mingle and using questions from the previous task speak about their last holiday. Students will have an opportunity to practice TL in personalised activity. FB: error correction on the WB

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