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Teaching Practice 5a. Work / Technology
Bignneres A1 level


in this lesson students will review and practice grammar (have for possession, simple present yes/no questions.


Abc Hand outs, Straight forward Beginner Ss Bk U5b

Main Aims

  • Main Aim Grammar (Have for possession, Simple Present, yes/no questions.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Vocabulary & Speaking (Words related to Technology; television, computer, fax machine) Ss will have the chance to practise speaking.


1-Lead in (8-10 minutes) • Introducing the theme technology

* Write on the board the word technology and brain storm all the words student can think of. this can be types of machines, such as computers, mobile phones, brand names sony, Panasonic. * divide the class into two groups and give each group a marker. the group should elicit one to write for them .

2-Pre - teaching (8-10 minutes) • To provide new vocabulary that can be applied in the context of Technology and work

* Using pictures to elicit some technological items. * hold up a picture and ask what is this? eliciting the word. * Drill the word 2 or 3 times then write the word on the board. * the words are (computer, laptop, mobile phone, t.v, fax machine, dvd player, cd player, printer, digital camera, an email address, web site.

3- Teaching Grammar (8-10 minutes) • Introduce functional language in ex 1&2, p44

* get back to pictures and ask students to match them with words, * ask Ss do you have this at home? and then elicit the meaning of have and has ( I have, he has) * write the grammar on the board. * drill (I have, you have, she has,he has)

4- Speaking (5-7 minutes) • - provide Ss with a chance to practise function language

* Ss will work in pairs to ask each other do you have a computer at home? yes I have or no, I don't have,they are given 3-5 minutes. * Ss will discuss this as WC.

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