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In this lesson SS are going to learn about adverbs of frequency that shows the exact number of times an action happens. The lesson starts with testing SS knowledge of adverbs of frequency, by reporting a person's calendar, And then grammar is going to be taught. Then SS have a controlled practice for better understanding of TL. After that a few vocabulary is taught, and then again they have a controlled practice. as the last activity, they are going to have a controlled speaking practice to use TL correctly.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of time adverbs and question word 'how often' in the context of cinema and movies

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of film and television vocabulary in the context of cinema trip


Lead in (4-5 minutes) • To set the context as well as testing the students knowledge of TL

T shows pictures of two famous celebrities and their life schedule (pages of a calendar). and asks students in pairs to answer the questions 'how often do they...' 'how often does she ...'. first she gives them some examples and then asks the whole class and elicit the model sentences for the grammar lesson.

Presenting the TL through Guided discovery (10-12 minutes) • to teach grammar and have SS discover the grammar

T writes SS's students (for each calendar page) on the board and then replace the days and times with adverbs.makes more examples and then teaches that these sentences are questioned by' how often'. now she asks questions 'how often do you..' to check they understand.

Controlled grammar practice (3-5 minutes) • To provide SS a clearer understanding of TL

SS are given a controlled practice, in which they are replacing time expressions with adverbs. T asks SS to do it in pairs, sets a time limit, then correct answers are shown on the board and T asks SS to explain their answers.

if time activity-controlled grammar practice (8-10 minutes) • A game To provide more practice for TL

If time allows they will play a board race. T attach pages of calendars on the board and asks SS to stand in lines of 3 or 4. then T will call an adverb of time they've just learned, and SS in the front row is going to find and take the page that matches the adverb. then the from row goes back and second goes forward and the same thing repeats till all the pages are taken, who grabs more is the winner.

Presenting New Words (8-10 minutes) • To develop a practice to use the vocabulary in TL

T shows Photos to teach the new words,After vocabulary is taught, T divided the class into two groups and put a set of paper on the floor,face down, for each group. then asks SS to turn the papers as she says 'go' and put the words in order to make a trip to cinema, and attach it to the board. the group that finishes sooner, is the winner. this activity is a review of what they learned as vocabulary, they have to match the words to form the phrases, they learned in the previous stage, and again organize them to form a trip, so it's going to challenge what they learned, again. after the winner is announced, the correct order will be on the board and T checks their trip order, and asks for explanations if the orders are different.

controlled Speaking practice (12-15 minutes) • to provide practice for SS to use the TL

T gives SS a page with some questions on it. all of the questions starts with 'how often', T explains that they have to walk in the class and interview 2 people and write down the answer. T sets a time limit. as a follow up to this activity, T is going to ask if they found anything interesting about their partners.

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