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pre-intermediate level


in this CLT lesson we have a topic for reading by strategies of pre, during and post-reading. which is efficient and useful. students after reading learn about English culture beside learning new daily and useful words.


Abc text of reading for each student
Abc dictionary
Abc some prepared questions about the topic

Main Aims

  • To actively engage students in the text and remind that reading requires them to think with their minds before, during, and after reading.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To summarize, reflect and question what they read
  • to challenge students understanding of the text and encourage to ask question of the author


1 (5-8 minutes) • brain storming and pre-reading

first i will present a brief passage with a few questions to get them interested in the topic and make an explicit link between topic and the students lives. then ask them to skim the passage to get the gist. then ask to read the questions which are bellow of the text.

2 (13-15 minutes) • during the reading

i had marked specific spots that I want to stop at during the text. So students will gain a greater understanding. then i will answer the questions about words and sentences meaning. ask about their view points and compare them. let them to use dictionaries to find important parts and words of the text and want them to choose best meaning.

3 (20-22 minutes) • post-reading

give them time to help st reflect what they have just learned. It helps to process concepts and express how or what they feel about the content learned and this requires them to think critically. for eg. will ask them to write one thing you have learned today that you would like to use in real world? then we discuss about the detail. Students write essential detail in write a brief summary. then compare it and discuss about topic and details. so to understand if students get the text completely i will ask them Questioning the author. by valuating the questions i will get how they understand the text.

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