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Freetime Activities - TP1
Elementary level


In this lesson, Ss learn about free time activities through an interview with a psychologist. Firstly, they will talk about the things they do with their friends and alone. Then, they listen to the interview and answer the questions about it.


Main Aims

  • To introduce Ss to & give practice in free time vocabulary in the context of typical friends

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give Ss practice in listening for gist, specific information & detail. To give Ss semi-controlled speaking practice & the opportunity to practice simple present.


Warmer/Lead-in (18-20 minutes) • To get Ss interest in the topic and activate their background knowledge about friendship and free time activities

- T greets Ss. - Ss play "Hangman" game to guess what the class is about. - T brings a photo of herself and her colleagues and asks some questions such as "Where are we in the picture?" "What do you think we are doing?" etc. T nominates 2- 3 Ss to answer and she talks about the activities they do. "These are my friends from work. (T asks "How do we call our friends form work- colleagues. T tries to elicits the word and if they don't know she explains." We go out after work. We go to the restaurants or cafes and have a drink. As you see, we are 7 girls and 1 boy in the group. When he is with us, we talk about the news and football. He is a big fan of Galatasaray and know we know a lot about GS because of him. But when hes is not with us, we go shopping and dancing with the girls. When I am alone- by myself- I watch movies and listen to music at home." - T gives Ss matching card and models how they are going to do it. - In pairs, Ss match the pictures with the words in 2 minutes. - As a whole class, they check the answers. Ss come to the board and match the card on the board so that everybody can see. - T elicits, drills and clarifies the vocabulary if necessary. - Ss make a class survey filling out a handout in the class in 5 minutes. (They fill the "Me" coloumn firts and go find a friend in the class, ask about the free time activities and take notes of the things she/ he does with friends or alone.) - Before they start, T models how to ask questions to their friends while doing the survey. "Do you go to the restaurants alone?" - Yes, I do. - No, I don't. - T nominates some Ss to talk about the things they find out. - T helps Ss to make sentences about their friends if necessary.

Initial listening task (10-13 minutes) • To enable Ss to get a general understanding of the text

- Ss listen to the interview and tick the words they hear. ( Straightforward Elem. SB Unit 2B Ex. 2 pg. 24) - Ss check their answers with pairs and then as a whole class. These words should be ticked: sports, football, feelings, personal, movies, politics. - In pairs, Ss answer the following question. What is the interview about? a. The things men and women do in free times b. The things men do with their man friends and women do with their women friends and the differences between them. The answer is b. - T nominates some Ss to answer.

Detailed reading task (10-12 minutes) • To enable Ss to get a detailed understanding of the text

- In pairs, Ss have a look at the statements on Ex 3 and decide which statements refer to men (M), women (W) or both (MW). - Ss listen to the interview again to check their answers. - T nominates some Ss and as a whole class, they check the answers. 1. MW 2. M 3. M 4. W 5. W 6. W 7. M - If the time left is not sufficent to check answers, T gives an answer key and Ss check their answers in groups.

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