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Teaching Practice 8
Beginner level


In this lesson, the main aim is to review and practice "illnesses". The lesson will start with a review of the vocabulary done before this lesson, they will later be introduced to a functional language in which they have to tell a doctor what their illness is and learn the remedies for it in a dialogue.


Abc Vocabulary - Illness/Remedy Matching
Abc Live Listening Dialogue
Abc Roleplay Papers
Abc Live Listening Cutout Sentences

Main Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a conversation in the context of illnesses.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review and practice of illness lexis in the context of illnesses.
  • To provide specific information and detailed listening practice using a text about illness remedies in the context of illnesses.


Lead-in (4-5 minutes) • To set the context of "illnesses" and to activate schemata.

The teacher will do a review of the vocabulary that was done in the first class of the day. The lesson will start with a quick hangman game. The word will be "illnesses". After the game is finished, the teacher will post some pictures showing some illnesses. First the teacher will try to use CCQ's to elicit the meaning behind the images. Then he will ask what is same with all the pictures. If the word "ill" (adjective) is elicited, the teacher ask for the noun of this adjective which is "illness". The plural meaning is "illnesses" which will also be elicited with the students.

Matching Exercise (4-6 minutes) • Using the elicited TL Vocabulary in an exercise.

The teacher will give each pair cut out words that contain illnesses and remedies for these illnesses. The students will work in pairs and match cut out the illnesses with their remedies. There will be a pair FB and a WCFB.

Pre-Listening (2-3 minutes) • Setting the theme of the listening dialogue "going to the doctor's".

The teacher will elicit the word "doctor" and "patient" with CCQ and the help of visual aids (pictures). He will try to describe the environment that the live listening dialogue will be setted in. - Pre-listening the teacher will ask the students what the dialogue could be about to stimulate more interest. WCFB will be done regarding the students' answers.

Live Listening Exercise (6-8 minutes) • Using the TL Vocabulary and Grammar (should) in a live listening exercise.

This task will be done by 2 teachers. It's a dialogue about a doctor and a patient. The students will asked two questions after the 1st listening: -What is the illness? -What does the doctor say? After the second listening the students will be given cutout sentences that were done in the dialogue and they will have to correctly order the sentences to match the listening dialogue. First peer FB then WCFB will be done.

Dissappearing Dialogue (8-10 minutes) • To memorise the live listening dialogue and speak fluently about the TL.

The teacher will write the listening dialogue on the WB. They will first do the dialogue together with the teacher, reading out-loud (2 times). The teacher will stop speaking and let the students read the dialogue themselves. The teacher will slowly erase some of the words after each repetition until there are hardly any words left. When they come to the last repetition, they should have memorised at least 80% of the dialogue and be able to use in the next roleplaying exercise.

Roleplaying (10-12 minutes) • Using the TL in a functional language exercise fluently.

The teacher will demo the instructions of this exercise with a ss. Basically, - 1 student is the doctor, 1 student is the patientç - There will about 10 chairs each facing each other. - The doctors will be sitting and not moving, the patients will be changing doctors after finishing the dialogue. - Once every patient talked to every doctor, the roles will change. For the students who are patients, they will have 2 illnesses that they can choose from. The students who are doctors will have a sheet which will have remedies for all the illnesses. Immediate error correction will be done by the teacher if necessary.

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