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intermediate level


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Main Aims

  • To provide product writing practice of a email in the context of old friends

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of all my love - regards- lots of love- best wishes


lead-in (5 minutes) • to set the context and activate students' schematic knowledge

1- ask students if they have an old friend and he didn't see him for a long time 2- ask them to speak about their old friends in pairs 3- elicit some answers from the students

pre-writing 1 (5 minutes) • to test students' ability to write a formal email to an old friend

1- tell the class they now have the chance to write something to your old friend 2-ask the students to work individually to write an email to their old friend 3-monitor and give minimal help at this stage 4-ask students to keep this email as well as we will need it at the end of the session

exposure (7-10 minutes) • to raise student' awareness of organization and layout of a formal email

1- divide the students into two groups 2- give them the hand out number 1 3- ask them to fill the gaps with the write chunks 4-monitor to offer help 5-check their answers after they finish

useful language (2 minutes) • to raise students' awareness of topic- related chunks

1- elicit language used to end the email ( all my love- regards- lots of love - best wishes )

writing (10 minutes) • to practice writing an email to an old friend

1- ask students to work individually to write an email to their old friends 2- set a time limit for 7 minutes 3- monitor and give help if needed

feedback (3 minutes) • to provide an opportunity for peer teaching

1- ask students to swap their emails 2- ask them to compare their emails with the emails they completed

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