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Daily routine verbs
Beginners level


In this lesson students will learn about daily routine verbs through brainstorming with the students somethings they do everyday. This is followed by matching verbs and phrases to the pictures. Then, students are going to practice speaking. After that,, students are going to read a text from the book to be familiar with the verbs. Finally, students will have speaking activity through conversation by asking questions.


Main Aims

  • Vocabulary- daily routie verbs

Subsidiary Aims

  • To giv students practice in reading for gist and detail using a text about Morning people and night people in the context of text from the book, page 50.


Lead in (1-2 minutes) • Brainstorm with the students

- Brain storm with the students and ask them what do they do every day. Use do to ask them. For example: Do you wake up early? Do you come by taxi or a bus? Do you watch movies?

Daily routine verbs (5-10 minutes) • Vocabulary

- use some pictures to teach students10 daily routine vocabulary by showing them them 10 pictures (use the verbs in the text book). Number the pictures from 1-10. - make two groups of ss and ask them to recognize the verb for each picture. Ask the ss to write the word on a piece of paper - check the ss answers. - ask the ss to say the word according to the pictures you point to. - ask the ss who do they spell it. - Stick the verb with each picture. - put the verbs in different order and repeat the same by pointing to the verb and ask ss to say the number of the picture. -ask students to read it for you. Correct pronunciation, if needed. - ask the ss to write them om a piece of paper. -After that, ask the ss to work in pairs do the exercise on HO1. -as the ss to make interviews and ask each other questions using 'do you....?, (monitor them to correct pronunciation if needed).

Activity for the students (5-10 minutes) • Practice speaking

- ask ss to repeat the verbs again. - ask ss: Do you.................? (cover the ten verbs) - ask students to ask you one question about a verb from their written list. Answer them: Yeas, I do/ No, I don't. -ask students to work in pairs to to tell about their daily routine verbs in sentences. For example, I go to the cinema. I sleep early. I wake up at 7:00 o'clock. I come by taxi...etc - ask students to do the exercise on HO1.

Reading (5-10 minutes) • To give students practice in reading for gist and detail.

- set the context of the reading text on pg. 50 (morning people/ night people). - read the text to the students. Ask them to repeat the expected difficult words. - explain to ss some points in the text. -ask students to read the text, then do ex1, pg50, HO3. -ask ss to read the text again, then ask them to do ex.2. - ask students to work in pairs to tell about each other by asking questions: Do you.....? - finally, do ex3 by asking the ss to tell about their partner and whether he's/ she's a morning person or night person, for example: Sulaiman is a night person....etc, then ask Sulaiman: Why you are a night person?

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